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Kanguru Defender® Hardware Encrypted USB

The Best in Encrypted USB Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, and Remote Management.


Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC)

Manage & Customize All of Your Secure USB Drives From One Convenient Console


KanguruClone Duplicators

NVMe, Blu-ray, DVD, HDD, SSD, USB

✓ Duplicate Multiple Jobs With Ease
✓ Easily Migrate HDDs to SSDs or NVMe
✓ For Jobs Any Size: Large or Small
✓ Perfect For Data Wiping, Erase, And Back-ups


Secure Your Information with Kanguru

Kanguru provides the industry's best secure, Hardware Encrypted USB, Remote Management, Hard Drive, SSD, NVMe Data Storage, Blu-ray & DVD Burners, NVMe, HDD, SSD, USB Duplicators, and more


Kanguru Solutions is an industry leader in providing secure, encrypted USB solutions, quality portable data storage and duplicators to organizations and businesses around the world.

Kanguru delivers a wide range of flash drives, hard drives, SSDs, NVMe and other ideal data storage products. Whether you are looking for the best military grade, FIPS Certified, TAA Compliant, GDPR hardware encryption products and remote management for your high security organization, or just a simple data storage solution for the home, Kanguru has many flexible options to choose from. Kanguru also specializes in duplicators for Hard Drives, SSD, NVMe, DVD, Blu-ray and USB duplication for all types of cloning jobs whether extensive, simple one-offs, or with secure erase for meeting GDPR standards. Contact Kanguru today.


We provide customization for USB drives

✓ Custom Engraving
✓ Custom Colors
✓ Unique Electronic Identifies
✓ Read-Only Configuration
✓ Virus Free Certification
✓ Pre-Loaded Data Services

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