Kanguru Endpoint Protector can monitor the network, enforce security policies and report on violationsThere could be a lot at stake inside an organization's data infrastructure, with a lot of sensitive information moving around.  Although the technologically-driven culture we live in has conveniently opened up new pathways for speeding things up, quickly moving data around from place and getting business done, it has also opened up new areas that need to be protected.  These could be gaps within an organizations’ infrastructure that might be vulnerable to a data breach, data loss, or even critical data being held ransom by hooligans in another part of the world.  All it takes is for one "perfect storm" caused by anything from human error, to criminal activity that wedges its way in and could potentially destroy all you have worked so hard for. Let’s look at some ways that Kanguru Endpoint Protector can not only protect your data and infrastructure, it could protect your reputation as well.  

It Could Happen To Anyone

Anyone using technology could be at risk — even seasoned pros. Organizations, financial institutions, medical facilities, non-profits, and SMBs should persistently monitor for errors, because one unprecedented event, given a chance, could take down an expensive integrated system. Stressed out or tired employees may idly click on a harmful website or email link which could lead to disastrous data security risks. Or perhaps workers may use their own devices to wrongfully copy and spread confidential information. Knowledge of how to mitigate these risks is the first step in protecting your organization from the dangers.

What Is Endpoint Protection?

In today’s digital world sensitive data is flying around everywhere, organizations need protection that works to safeguard every angle and every corner of your data infrastructure. Kanguru Endpoint Protector  is 100% cloud-based and designed to take your security to the next level. Kanguru Endpoint Protector can monitor PCs, Macs, email clients, browsers, cloud activity, uploads, downloads, USB, mobile devices, and even screen captures, so only authorized devices, programs, applications and activity are compatible and allowed. Kanguru Endpoint Protector puts control back into the hands of administrators to monitor, manage, control, enforce and report on the company infrastructure.  Based on specific criteria defined by the administrator, any type of foreign threats can be blocked out, and administrators can be alerted before the potential danger becomes a threat. Furthermore, an admin can choose to deny access entirely or give warnings to employees before they continue. If an employee is taking an inappropriate amount of risks, there’s an opportunity to correct the behavior before a major security risk occurs.

Who Needs Endpoint Protection?

Remember the big news stories of the attacks on Target, Sony, Staples and JPMorgan Chase? Larger businesses or organizations who are hacked make the news, and certainly lose big when it comes to damage control, reputation, and fraudulent activity. However, small businesses are actually more likely to be affected by employee error. There tends to be less monitoring in a smaller organization, and employees may not fully grasp the dangers of connecting their own device to a private network without first taking the proper precautions. Enforcing good security policies with Kanguru Endpoint Protector can prevent employees from making dangerous mistakes and help protect your data, as well as your infrastructure.

Monitor Mobile Device Risks

Mobile devices have certainly made communication much more efficient, but there are inherent dangers from them as well. Data security management is much harder to perform when your location changes constantly. With the portability of these machines, employees have a whole slew of devices from tablets to smartphones that can interfere with the sustainability of your company.

How It Works

Though you trust your employees, it’s easy for common human error to open up a conduit for trouble.  Criminals are getting much more crafty in making things appear as legitimate business, which could be entirely lethal.  Keeping a careful eye on the crucial network and sensitive information of your company is so important to maintaining full security. There are 3 different ways to do this with the Kanguru Endpoint Protector, and they can be used either on their own or with each other.

  • Device Control
  • Content Aware Protection
  • Mobile Device Management

Device Control (DC) has features that will block outside portable equipment from being used on your network. In addition, Kanguru Endpoint Protector allows an admin to read a full report of what’s being plugged in, and which devices are affected. Content Aware Protection (CAP) is designed to look through the information on any given computer and analyze it quickly. Information in instant message conversations, documents, PDFs, web links, screenshots and more can be scanned to determine if an employee is playing fast and loose with sensitive company data. Set your own filters and protect your IP address by putting an extra layer of security into your processes. Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes full use of passwords and disabling features so smartphones are only being used the way you want them to be used. If you don’t want employees using Siri or apps on a phone, then you simply make the changes.

Reporting and Auditing

Kanguru Endpoint Protector allows a company admin to see the tiny details in reports and the larger picture. It can reinforce company policies, and ensure devices are being used in the right way. The reports themselves are meant to work with your own auditing reports, and export them as a .csv into Excel or a company tool. The easy-to-navigate reports are designed to be visually appealing so a reader can easily digest the information. Use the specific data to create a global company policy, and tweak it as need be if new dangers arise.

There is no such thing as having too much data security, and Kanguru understands how complex it can be to ward off data breaches. Choosing a data security solution with a global approach like the Kanguru Endpoint Protector puts your company or organization one step ahead of keeping data and equipment safe from employee risks. There’s no stone unturned when it comes to keeping your company’s information protected.