Cloud-based Endpoint Security to protect data

Kanguru Endpoint Protector provides organizations with superb Cloud-based control:

  • Maintain control and protection over all USB devices coming in and out of the organization
  • Protect content, be aware, and report on what type of content is leaving the organization
  • Manage and protect data on mobile devices
  • No need for a centralized server installation

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Kanguru Endpoint Security

Kanguru Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Security provides organizations with tremendous cloud-based control over USB plug-in devices, social media, web content, communications and mobile devices- all from one convenient cloud console. IT managers can create policies, whitelist or blacklist devices, enable permissions, create restrictions, allow certain brands on the network and much more. Additionally, managers can audit, silently report violations and develop reports.

Kanguru Endpoint Protector is a perfect security solution for any organization, from Enterprise to Small / Medium-sized businesses. It's also ideal for environments with a mix of Windows and Mac and it is 100% cloud-based, without the need for a centralized server installation.