Secure Your Digital Life!™

The Defender LifePlanner is a unique, personal encrypted digital life organizer and Password Manager; ideal for storing, organizing and securing all of your personal information in one convenient and secure location. Organize all of your passwords, usernames, account information, policy numbers, doctors, contacts, banking, investments, etc. in one place - on this military-grade, hardware encrypted fingerprint flash drive!

This convenient patented organizer allows you to enter at your discretion, all of your personal information - away from the internet and in your control, in the palm of your hand. The encrypted flash drive secures your data under Kanguru's highly-sophisticated, military grade, AES 256-Bit hardware encryption, using biometric fingerprint technology. All of your data is secured on the Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30™ so you can take it with you, or keep it somewhere safe. Simply tap with your finger or enter your password to log-in, and view on nearly any computer. Your personal information will remain under full military grade hardware encryption, whether on or off the internet, wherever you go.

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Great Features To Fully Protect Your Information

  • Runs from Kanguru’s highly-certified, military grade, hardware encrypted Defender Bio-Elite30 using fingerprint authentication technology

  • Independent 2-level encryption wrapped around the LifePlanner database which stores your sensitive, personal information

  • Includes 3 years of top-rated anti-virus protection by BitDefender®, protecting The LifePlanner from viruses, malware and spyware

  • Includes 3 years of Self-Service Password Management™, (SSPM™), providing a secure validation process to reset your password if for any reason you forget it

  • Onboard FireFox portable browser allows you to keep browsing history inside secure application as well as support “one-click” browsing from your trusted sites

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The Defender LifePlanner is a patented, integrated security solution developed by Kanguru. The platform runs on Kanguru's robust, secure Defender Bio-Elite30™ hardware encrypted fingerprint flash drive. 

With the tap of your finger, you can login and access all of your personal information in your LifePlanner. You also have the option to login with your password. No one else can access the data you enter here unless you authorize and provide access.

The dashboard organizes all of your information into specific categories so that you can consolidate, select, view, and edit your data easily. You can use the provided categories, change them, and even create your own!

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With the Kanguru Defender LifePlanner, you can enter and organize all of your personal information including passwords securely on a military-grade, hardware encrypted, secure device - all in the palm of your hand.

Robust Security

• Store, view and manage all of your Passwords and Usernames for All Your Accounts

• Banking and Financial Accounts

• Medical / Healthcare / Doctor Information & Medications

• Contacts

• Investments

• Retirement Planning

• Insurance / Policy Numbers and Documents

• Credit Card Information

• Wills / Trusts / Estate Planning

• Mortgages / Real Estate

• Education Planning

• and much more...


You work hard to manage your life, take good care of your family, your loved ones, take good care of yourself, save and build wealth, and plan for you and your family's future. Your busy life is a result of good vision, hard work, motivation and an understanding of what's important in life. Along with those responsibilities comes a lot of information to juggle. Online account access, account numbers, addresses, contacts and account details are just some of the information directly related to maintaining a busy lifestyle.  This can make it difficult to keep security in mind when it comes to your personal information.  How do you manage and secure all of the data related to your hard-earned assets, to help you reach your goals?

The Defender LifePlanner is a great tool in your life's toolbox to help make it easier to organize, manage, maintain and secure all of your important personal information. It's much more than a Password Manager, it is a trusted, robust, convenient location to secure, store, organize and access all of your life data.

Every online account you use, from banking and investments, to your mortgage and healthcare portals require a username and password. Some even require security questions, along with pin numbers, policy numbers, account numbers and contact information. Can you remember if the 2-factor verification gets sent via text to your phone or your email? What was the nurse's name associated with that doctor? What was that policy number or account number for that investment account? Add care-giving to the equation and managing all of this information can be a daunting task, making it difficult to maintain while keeping your data secure. The Defender LifePlanner is designed and built to make it simple and convenient. 

Military Grade Security

Kanguru has gone to great lengths to ensure top-notch security for keeping your information safe. Kanguru is an industry leader in the USB security industry and has been for 30 years, with long-standing clients around the world in defense, military, government, enterprise, healthcare, energy, utilities, and small business, so you can trust that your Kanguru Defender LifePlanner will keep your data safe. 

Your LifePlanner comes preloaded on our proven, top-of-the-line Defender Bio-Elite30, a military-grade, Biometric Fingerprint access USB drive with AES/XTS 256-Bit hardware encryption, FIPS 197 Certified by the highest NIST standards. Once you set up your fingerprint access in the setup wizard, you can simply tap your finger on the drive to login and view all of your files. The LifePlanner also enables password protection, if for some reason your fingerprint will not accept access.

The LifePlanner itself is password-protected, adding a second layer of AES 256-Bit encryption to protect the integrated LifePlanner database.

The LifePlanner completes an automatic backup every 10 minutes. You can also export your LifePlanner into a password-protected PDF if you would like to save your information elsewhere or do a manual backup.

Your LifePlanner comes with 3 years of anti-virus protection by world-class BitDefender®, scanning the drive regularly in the background, so you can rest assured that the Defender LifePlanner is protected from viruses, malware and spyware. 

It also comes with 3 years of Self Service Password Management, (SSPM). SSPM provides a secure validation process which you can reset your password if for any reason you forget it.

Peace of Mind

Organizing all of your personal information in one convenient secure place gives you peace of mind, and more time to enjoy the things that are important to you.

If you cringe at the thought of storing all of your personal information on some unknown online server located somewhere in cyberspace, and would rather know exactly where your data is located; physically in the palm of your hand, the Defender LifePlanner is perfect for you.  If you have passwords and account info scattered on sticky notes in a variety of places around your home, your office, or spreadsheets on your computer, or having trouble keeping track of it all and are looking for a secure one-stop location to organize all of your personal information, the Defender LifePlanner is ideal for you.

The Defender LifePlanner is a patented, digital organizer utilizing Kanguru's flagship military grade, hardware encrypted biometric fingerprint flash drive which you can confidently enter your most valuable personal information: contacts, banking and retirement accounts, investments, real estate, living wills and trusts, etc., and store it all safely in one secure place. 

Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™ Encrypted Digital Life Organizer

Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™ is a patented, dual-layer security product (U.S. Patent 11194923) consisting of a FIPS 197 validated 256-bit AES Hardware Encrypted Fingerprint USB Flash Drive and an independent AES encrypted database software vault behind the hardware crypto chip!

The Dashboard

The Dashboard of the LifePlanner organizes all of your information into convenient categories that you can define, move around, and manage. You can change the categories, and even create new ones.

Sample Information Card

Each information card displays the data you enter in an easy-to-read format, making it very convenient to access, view, and edit your personal information. You can add notes, schedule appointments on your calendar, create random passwords, upload files to the File Vault and much more.

Want More Details?

Visit these short, informative videos which detail the great features and "how to's" of the LifePlanner. Learn how it works, how to setup the drive and LifePlanner security, how to enter your data, and all of the great features of the Defender LifePlanner. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Learn How The Defender LifePlanner Works

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