Designed With Microsoft Windows To Go® Compatibility In Mind

The Kanguru UltraLock USB-C M.2 NVMe SSD is an ideal drive for loading Microsoft Windows To Go®, giving organizations the functionality of a bootable portable desktop. Load all desktop resources and take advantage of the great performance functionality these drives offer wherever you travel.


*Please Note: Microsoft is no longer supporting third party vendor formal certification of Windows To Go drives, however, Kanguru continues to support customers wishing to boot from USB drives in intensive Read/Write environments. The Kanguru Mobile WorkSpace Flash Drive was approved and certified (see certification report) for the specific purpose of loading Microsoft Windows To Go.

We highly recommend and offer an alternative option to run your Windows to Go with faster speed, larger storage capacity, and higher performance, also designed with Windows To Go® compatibility in mind. Kanguru is confident that this device will meet/exceed the usage criteria for Windows To Go. The USB-C M.2 NVMe SSD External Solid State Drive was designed to support Windows to Go functionality. The Kanguru UltraLock M.2 NVMe SSD is not certified/approved for Windows To Go, however, due to the fact that this device uses a high performance NVMe drive typically used inside laptops, and the benefits of a physical write protect switch, it is well served for Windows To Go applications.


Windows To Go® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation