Affordable, Fast, Stand-Alone Hard Drive Duplicator that Towers Above the Rest

KanguruClone 11-Target Hard Drive Duplicator Tower


Kanguru Solutions announces the addition of the new KanguruClone™ 11HD Tower Duplicator to its line of hard disk duplicators.

Able to make up to 11 hard drive duplicates simultaneously, the standalone KanguruClone 11HD Tower Duplicator can natively copy 3.5” SATA HDDs with transfer speeds up to 6 gigabytes per minute. 2.5” SATA HDDs and SSDs can be supported with additional adapters.

“Kanguru has dedicated itself to bringing fast and reliable drive duplicators to customers for nearly a decade,” remarks product manager Ken Lee. “The KanguruClone™ brand name has become well-recognized within the industry for providing high-quality duplication hardware and the KanguruClone 11HD Tower Duplicator is no exception."

We can now offer a large capacity hard drive duplication system that delivers all of the same high-end features our customers have come to rely on to get the job done at an affordable price point, providing a convenient duplication product for businesses, enterprise, organizations and consumers.

Starting at only $1999.95, the KanguruClone 11HD Tower Duplicator offers plenty of value and supports key features like:

Multiple Copy Modes:

    • FULL - Copies every sector on the source disk

      Full Copy Mode for Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators

    • BRIEF – Copies only sectors that contain data, skipping blank sectors

      Brief Copy Mode for Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators

      RESIZE – Copies from a smaller capacity Source to larger capacity Target

      Resize Copy Mode for Kanguru Hard Drive Duplicators
  • Secure Wipe erases data beyond recovery, capable of overwriting user data up to 999x
  • Tray-less, non-scratch SATA connectors guarantees maximum lifespan
  • HPA and DCO support


The KanguruClone 11HD Tower Duplicator is available now and can be purchased either directly from Kanguru Solutions or from any one of your favorite authorized resellers.

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