Watch our videos to learn more about Kanguru's solutions for secure, hardware encrypted data storage devices, remote management, duplication equipment and more. We often update with new videos so feel free to check back often.

Kanguru Defender® Encrypted Drives and KRMC

Learn how our fully-integrated remote management and best-in-class Defender® secure drives offer the most convenient, unified data security option available to secure your data.

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Defender LifePlanner "Getting Started" Videos

Visit our Defender LifePlanner "Getting Started" videos to learn how to setup, and use your new Defender LifePlanner.

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The LifePlanner can help you organize and secure your personal information, so you can plan the things that are important in life

Secure Your Digital Life With The Defender LifePlanner

This unique, personalized, encrypted organizer and password manager can help you plan, organize, and secure all of your personal information. It even has its own search bar to quickly search your own information!

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Defender LifePlanner Password Manager

Use the Password Manager (Password Vault) on the Kanguru Defender LifePlanner to securely and conveniently access all of your accounts.

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How To Use The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner

The Defender LifePlanner is a great tool to organize, plan, secure, and access all of your personal information, online accounts, and everything in between.

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KRMC™ Kanguru Remote Management Console

KRMC (Kanguru Remote Management Console) is a powerful data security system for remotely managing secure USB devices containing sensitive data around the world.

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Why Use Kanguru Defender® Secure Drives?

Because you have better things to do than to worry about security, Kanguru Defender USB drives help you work conveniently and securely all the time. Protect your organization's ...

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How to Set Up a Managed Kanguru Defender® Secure, Hardware Encrypted Drive

If your new Kanguru Defender USB drive is managed remotely by your organization's administrator, this demonstration video will show you how to set up...

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How to Easily Login and Logout of Your Kanguru Defender® Secure Drive

Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted drives are the perfect solution for managing and protecting data.

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Kanguru On-Board Anti-Virus Scanning Protection

How Kanguru Defender® Anti-Virus by BitDefender® protects your files, system and network from potential viruses, malware and spyware.

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Kanguru Defender® Secure Drives with Citrix-Ready XenDesktop Access

Kanguru Defender 3000™ and Defender Elite300™ secure flash drives are Citrix-Ready compatible, for remote Xendesktop accessibility anywhere!

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