Most Kanguru USB flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives can be customized to your organization's specific needs.  There are many flexible custom options to choose from that can aid in security, convenience, provide a marketing edge, or add a personal touch to your organization.

Customization Options

With engraved custom USB sticks, you could hand out flash drives as a promotional marketing tool at a trade show with your logo branded and website URL engraved on it. Or you might want to include contact information for where someone may easily return your drive to you if it is lost. For added security, IT administrators could have serial numbers engraved on a fleet of drives to keep track of sensitive company data. The possibilities are up to you. If needed, our in-house design dept. can even help you lay out the best design for your specific needs.

The following Kanguru USB Drives can be custom engraved:

Defender 3000
Defender Elite300
Defender Elite30
Defender HDD35
Defender SSD35
Defender HDD350
Defender SSD350
Kanguru FlashTrust
Kanguru SS3

Note: Engraving options are available for the back panel and may include the side panels of the drive. The front panel is reserved for the Kanguru USB drive logo by design. Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ's) may apply for engraving orders. To avoid additional charges and receive the best pricing option, refer to the following chart below for the Minimum Order Quantity pertaining to your drive. Please feel free to contact us or your Kanguru Authorized Representive for a complete quote to meet your specific needs.

Group A: Defender Elite300, Defender Elite30, FlashTrust, Kanguru SS3, FlashBlu30, Kanguru Mobile WorkSpace-Windows To Go
The MOQ is 50 pieces to waive set-up charges. If order is less than 50 pieces, a set up charge may apply along with additional charges per side. Please call for details.

Group B: Defender HDD, SSD, HDD300, SSD300, UltraLock
The MOQ is 50 pieces to waive set-up charges. If order is less than 50 pieces, a set up charge may apply along with additional charges per side. Please call for details.

Group C: Defender 3000
The MOQ is 200 pieces to waive set-up charges. If order is less than 200 pieces, a set up charge may apply along with additional charges per side. Please call for details.

Certain Kanguru USB drive models can be purchased in colors other than their standard colors.

Click here to view a chart of the available colors for each drive

You can customize your USB flash drive with Unique Electronic Identifiers at the chip level that can ensure further trust and confidence on a secure network. Call or email us for more information on how Unique Electronic Identifiers could further increase the security of your system. These identifiers can be recognized by most of the industry standard endpoint security solutions available, providing granular security options for administrators to monitor, restrict, allow specific approved devices or deny unknown devices.

The following standard portable keyboard characters can be used:

· Kanguru Flash Drives: 16 character, alphanumeric (except backslash)
· Kanguru Defender HDD: 16 character, alphanumeric (hexadecimal A-F, 0-9)
· Kanguru UltraLock: 16 character, alphanumeric (hexadecimal A-F, 0-9)

Certain unencrypted Kanguru USB drives can be configured for permanent Read-Only configuration, a great feature for ensuring that data contents which are preloaded onto the device will remain visible on the device for ongoing access.  This can be valuable for delivering promotional content, technical drivers or manuals, software applications, etc.  Some particular points to consider:

· Customers must provide the data content (which will be loaded to the Read-Only area) to Kanguru for provisioning at Kanguru’s headquarters. 

· Once loaded, this content becomes permanent on the Read-Only area.  It cannot be modified in the field.  Kanguru can reprovision certain models of Kanguru drives as a service (only if drives are physically returned to Kanguru). 

· Even though the data will be permanently available, the data contents on the Read-Only area can be copied off the drive. 

· Kanguru has the ability to create a Read-Only partition plus a public partition (customer can read/write data to this partition), or provision the entire drive as Read-Only. 

For environments that require compulsory confirmation of virus-free encrypted USB drives, Kanguru can provide Virus-Free Certification - a declaration that their purchase and shipment of Kanguru USB drives are virus-free and have been fully tested, scrubbed, clean, and declared completely virus-free for delivery. Organizations requiring this certification can request this extra measure of assurance at the time of purchase.

Kanguru can pre-load data onto Kanguru flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives. Kanguru is flexible and there are many options to choose from. Call or email us for more information on what pre-loaded data services Kanguru can provide for your organization.

Why Customize Your USB Flash Drives?

Like a certified document you worked hard for, the certification is worth more than the fine paper it is actually printed on. The same holds true with a USB drive. The data you carry on a USB drive is vitally important to you and your organization, and may be substantially more valuable than the actual USB drive itself and the sum of its parts - a reality often not realized until after it is lost.

You carry a flash drive because it is quick, convenient, and practical. Volumes of vital information can be transported anywhere - just plug it in, make adjustments, and go. But today's USB drives contain more information than entire computers did just a few years ago, making it more important than ever to secure, customize, manage and prevent attacks on your USB devices.

Customization, AES Hardware Encryption, Anti-Virus Protection, high-security certification and Remote Management all play a powerful role in helping to safeguard your information, whether it be for your own personal finances, or the large staff of an enterprise organization.

Custom Engraving

When you engrave a logo on your drive(s), you are branding it with your organization, to be identified directly with you or your company. Furthermore, personal identification makes it substantially more likely that someone will try to get the device back to you if it is ever misplaced.

Unique Electronic Identifiers

Unique Electronic Identifiers provide security, trust and confidence in specific USB drives on a network. It is the "handshake" between the USB drive, and the safety on your network that says "this drive is trusted on this network." Unique Identifiers can be recognized by most of the industry standard endpoint security solutions available.

Read-Only Configuration

Read-Only mode protects files from being accidentally overwritten. It can also add further protection from a virus that might be on an untrusted computer because the drive cannot be written to. This configuration could come in very handy if your organization has specific files that are used consistently, but do not want them overwritten or erased.

Pre-Loaded Data Services

Having data pre-loaded onto USB drives can maximize business for your organization. This service by Kanguru can help you deliver important information to clients, reach out with grand marketing campaigns, or open up potential sales.

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