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Kanguru no longer offers Kanguru Endpoint Protector


data breach Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations are being targeted, as well as SMBs and even non-profits. Data breach seems to be becoming commonplace in our modern technology-dependent life, but it doesn't have to be. With the constant torrent of information coming and going, it’s no wonder organizations have a difficult time organizing and protecting it all.  An attack can further complicate things by blowing a hole in the entire operation.  Whether it's a computer network infiltrated by a young whiz kid messing around or an entire infrastructure attacked by a team of greedy hackers, it invades security and can leave an organization vulnerable to great risks. The good news is that reviewing the history of data breaches and the reasons behind them can provide clues- teachable moments- as there’s a lot to learn from these events that can lead to better security actions for others.  In addition, companies like Kanguru continue to develop highly-secure solutions that can help protect data and infrastructure.  Organizations that proactively learn about the protective measures available and research what’s being done about data security today can severely reduce, if not eliminate risks and protect their organization. 

Prevent Risks Before They Happen

Do you know exactly who manages your IT needs? Is it one person or is it split amongst a team? If you don’t know, this may be a bigger problem than you realize. One study found that almost half of companies don’t have an adequate security staff member. Errors are being traced to institutional knowledge lost due to high turnover while old employees or hackers of every type take advantage of security flaws. While its likely employees aren’t scheming against the company, new hires and even seasoned managers may not understand just how vulnerable they are when they don’t take the necessary data security precautions. To safeguard against human error, as well as other internal and external risks, organizations can use Endpoint Security to protect their infrastructure.  While there are enterprise Endpoint Security options available with great expense, smaller organizations have more cost-effective options too, like cloud-based Endpoint Security.  Kanguru provides a 100% cloud-based service to meet the needs of both large and small organizations.


Kanguru Endpoint Protector Provides:

    • Device Control
        • protect managed PCs/Macs from unauthorized hardware peripherals
        • Lockdown computers to support only authorized devices
        • Content Aware Protection
          • Scan MS Word files, PDF files, emails, web links, clipboard, screen captures and other common content for sensitive information
          • Prevent copying of corporate IP out of your network
          • Choose from options like stealth monitoring or outright denying any violations based on perceived threat level
          • Mobile Device Management
            • Centrally monitor and audit managed devices for any rule violations.

        Kanguru Endpoint Protector enables companies to securely control USB plugin devices, content, social media, and mobile devices. Furthermore, IT administrators can restrict access to information, enforce security policies, and audit at risk activity without the need for a centralized server installation. With Kanguru Endpoint Protection, administrators can define specific restrictions, enforce security policies, and then receive warnings when an action has taken place outside the protocol. Therefore, access can be denied before a major mistake is made. People have varying skills in technology, and many companies have found it simply makes more sense to eliminate the opportunity to make mistakes entirely by investing in Endpoint Security.


        Control Data Remotely on Secure Devices

        Security breaches teach us that we need smarter solutions for company security, even when we can’t be there physically to protect equipment. Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) helps companies monitor and provision access to sensitive information contained in a network of hardware encrypted USB devices. Easily shut down, encrypt and shield important information on USB devices from anywhere around the globe through a single Cloud console.

        Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) Provides:

        • Manage all Secure USB Drives from one convenient console
        • Customize security settings
        • Track and manage USB drives worldwide
        • Disable/delete lost or stolen devices
        • Generate Reports

        For organizations that would like to delegate certain tasks, or departmentalize security with multiple IT administrators, companies can upgrade to KRMC Cloud Pro and have an unlimited amount of administrators on the job at an affordable price.

        Organizations can further protect data with password protected, highly-certified secure USB hard drives and flash drives.  Rather than relying on cloud-based data storage which has its risks, organizations can conveniently maintain data on Kanguru Defender encrypted storage drives and know where the information is at all times.  In combination with Kanguru Remote Management, organizations encompass a complete arsenal to comply with tough security regulations and fully protect their data.


        Kanguru Hardware Encrypted Drives Provide:

        • FIPS 140-2 Certification
        • AES 256-Bit Hardware Encryption
        • TAA Compliance
        • Meets high-security regulations
        • Remotely Manageable
        • On-board Anti-Virus

        Review Your Software Solutions

        Companies perform various amounts of coding, depending on their IT infrastructure. A reoccurring problem that was found in breaches was companies often use a combination of sourced software and unique code. While this is a perfectly acceptable solution, too much of it is being done without the company owner’s or high-level stakeholder’s full understanding of where the software comes from.  If code is a sort of amalgamation, it can mean weeks of trying to identify exactly where the problem occurred as we’ve seen when breaches occur.  It’s taught companies to take an in-depth look at all software they’re running, and deciding which applications they can live without to simplify the process. Kanguru Endpoint Security is a combination of security features that also provides excellent reporting and auditing features, so you know where the weak points in the infrastructure reside.


        Call Kanguru Solutions today to find out how your company, organization, or institution can best safeguard against a breach attack before moving forward with your business plans. Finding the data security risks now will mitigate the horrific repercussions of a security breach in the future.