Healthcare facilities losing patient information is becoming a big security problem in need of a big solutionNow, more than ever, you want to ensure that your data is protected and secure against any form of hacking and theft. There’s far too much piracy these days. And if you work at any capacity in a healthcare organization, data security solutions are vital to protecting every man and woman’s indisputable right to privacy. Medical fields in particular are targets for hackers and cyber thieves of all kinds. They know that the health care industry’s data security is vulnerable. The ill, the infirmed and the medical professionals looking after them have much more to worry about than making sure someone isn’t trying to take advantage of someone who is severely sick or injured. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that data security management for healthcare organizations is HIPAA compliant. That’s why you want a global leader in high quality, secure, encrypted hardware. You want Kanguru. We produce encrypted hard drives, solid state drives, USB drives (single, or available for purchase in bulk), duplication equipment, and more; whatever your security and encryption needs may be, all exceeding government standards with a range of flexibility to fit any budget.

A Global Leader in Data Security

With the state of things today, you can’t afford to offer subpar quality of service to your patients. You have their confidence to take into account. The same goes for medical billing and medical insurance agencies, whose clients also rely on total protection of their privacy and financial information. Thanks to the institution of government mandates and regulations to protect the interests of such individuals, data security management and encrypted hardware are an essential part of doing business, freeing you to place all of your focus on your patients. Kanguru products will get you where you need to be to keep your data safe, and ensure none of your tech is sullied by unwanted viruses or hacker interference. With protections like AES 256 hardware encryption, on-board anti-virus protection, brute force protection, and secure firmware, Along with high-end certifications like FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria, and TAA Compliance, our products go above and beyond security quality standards under HIPAA federal regulations. You can rest assured that we've got you covered.

Beyond defending from the outside, you also need to look at protecting from the inside, and Kanguru helps you do that. Several medical organizations have suddenly been alarmed with the wave of panic, distrust, and embarrassment associated with the loss of a single, unencrypted flash drive containing private patient data by a careless staff member. Regulations slap organizations with heavy fines and the organization spends often millions of dollars to recover. Don’t let it happen to you. Kanguru Remote Management and password-protected flash drives make protecting data as easy and worry free.

You want your patients and clients both to know that data storage and confidentiality are never an issue when they do business with you, and that it never will be. It’s what sets Kanguru apart from other data security companies. Respect is a very important asset for any organization that handles private data, but if an organization can not demonstrate that it upholds patient data security and privacy seriously, it could be difficult to recover from such a reputation. Showing clients and patients that you use the very best data security solutions and data storage devices on the market demonstrates that you care about them and their private data. Using Kanguru secure USB drives and remote management helps build and maintain a positive, trustworthy relationship with your patients and colleagues. Use the best because they deserve the best, and the best is built to last. Use Kanguru.

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