The Kanguru Remote Management Console - Cloud Edition was recently reviewed at  We'd like to thank Lisa Phifer for thoroughly testing the platform and giving us great feedback and suggestions.  While this review provides a helpful tour of the platform, Kanguru is ready to help you evaluate for yourself and "try before you buy".

 We would also like to respond to some of the feedback and give additional details where it might be helpful.

  • To clarify pricing:  KRMC Cloud retails for $19.95 per drive per year, with volume licensing options available.  Optional BitDefender anti-virus renewal is $7.95 per drive per year.
  • Linux and Mac OS compatibility will be available soon for Defender Elite flash drives.  This functionality will be added to existing hardware through a secure remote software update.
  • Automatic license assignment is available for centralized provisioning.
  • The ability to deactivate and disable onboard AV without Kanguru's help will soon be available as a provisioning option.
  • A number of the "wish items" are available in the more full-featured Enterprise version of KRMC.