Here at Kanguru we frequently talk about encrypting and securing your mobile data, but sometimes don't stress enough the importance of tracking and monitoring data usage.  As important as it is to secure your data, it is equally important to know where it is going. 

When an employee leaves the office for the day, taking his work with him on a flash drive, where is that data going?  A quick stop by the local coffee shop and opened up on one of their unsecure wireless networks?  To an unsecure home computer? 

These possibilities along with the risks associated with them are why Kanguru emphasizes a total security solution.  This can be especially advantageous to organizations that are required to meet security regulations like HIPAA, the Hitech Act or any one of the many state-level data breach laws

Tracking and monitoring can be done via Kanguru's Remote Management Console and USB Device Control, a tandem of products designed specifically to allow organizations to keep tabs on and secure their portable data. 

It's time to look beyond encryption and recognize the importance of end point security as a key element to the overall big picture of securing your data.  Some options to look for in endpoint security and remote management:

1.) Device Control - Control what, when and how USB devices are allowed to access your computers

2.) IP and Domain Control - Manage which IP addresses and/or domains are allowable for devices to access via whitelist and blacklist methodology.

3.) Auditing and Reporting - Get a full audit trail with detailed graphical reporting and the ability to export both customizable audit logs and graphs for external analysis to ensure proper compliance.

4.) Remote Provisioning - Remotely manage security policy changes from a single location. Control password complexity, password expiration, software updates, patches, A/V definitions, online and offline access, and more.