In a July 15 memo to all Federal Agencies, OMB Director Jack Lew sent a reminder that Telework solutions must comply with security guidelines and protect sensitive government information.  Federal Computer Week highlights a few of the requirements, including data security and  protection from systems that are not under direct agency control.

The Telework initiative is meant to improve worker productivity, while reducing government overhead and costs.  It also adds business continuity in the event of an emergency or other event when employees can not reach the office.  The downside is that Administrators lose some control over the hardware and software being used by their workers.  Fears about security have resulted in slower than expected implementation of Telework policies.

To meet these security requirements, Kanguru and Absolute ID have designed the RocIT Defender Elite "Virtual System on a Stick" to enable Telework while still maintaining control over hardware and software.  The device is a bootable, encrypted USB flash drive that launches a secure virtual OS completely isolated from the host system.  The Administrator can lock down the OS and application settings with a golden image, and monitor the devices remotely using Kanguru Remote Management Console.  All data is hardware encrypted with FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography.  Contact Kanguru for more info on how RocIT Defender Elite can meet your Telework challenges.