Customizing Your Kanguru USB Drives

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April 29, 2022 – Kanguru provides customization for most of its USB data storage devices. Customization can be a great way to provide brand recognition for your organization, establish identity for drives that represent different departments or segments of data, provide extra security, and many other benefits.

The Customization options available are:

  • Custom Engraving
  • Custom Colors (on select models)
  • Unique Electronic Identifiers
  • Read-Only Configuration
  • Virus-Free Certification
  • Pre-Loaded Data Services


Customized Engraving provides the opportunity to brand your Kanguru drive with a company logo,  contact information, special identifiers such as a serial number, name of a department or division, etc. Having a company logo and/or contact information not only increases the chances of a drive being returned if lost, but provides strong brand identity for your organization.

Custom colors can provide another identity for your storage drives. You can base a color on the level of security within your organization, department, division, or simply have a special color based on the brand of your organization.

Unique Electronic Identifiers can ensure confidence and trust on a secure network by providing industry standard identifiers at the chip level for endpoint security environments. These identifiers are ideal for whitelisting Kanguru drives as a trusted drive on networks.

Read-Only Configuration is a great feature for use-case scenarios where data on a USB device only needs to be read. This can be perfect for engineering, education, medical, legal or trade environments with manuals or a variety of instruction materials. Staff, employees, teams and workers can access important files on the go directly from the USB drive without having to connect to the internet.

Virus-Free Certification provides high-end security and clean-room environments with compulsory confirmation of virus-free encrypted USB drives. This assures that the drives have been fully-tested, scrubbed, clean and declared completely virus-free.

Pre-Loaded Data Services can provide organizations with pre-loaded applications, content and data on Kanguru drives. The options are endless and only limited by the imagination.  Use for trade shows, professional events, conferences, special projects, tests, quizzes, education, presentations and more.  


Click below for more information on Kanguru’s customization options:

Customizing Your Kanguru USB Device