DHS Urges US Election Officials to be Vigilant during Voting process. Organizations should heed the advice for their own IT security.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security put out a joint statement along with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence back in October stating that they are confident foreign hackers have compromised the email accounts of U.S. political organizations with the intention of interfering with the election.  This became remarkably evident in more recent days as emails were leaked from hacked servers, reopening an investigation by the FBI on a high-stakes case against a presidential candidate.  The warning by DHS began with a press release to raise awareness of the risks:

“DHS has convened an Election Infrastructure Cybersecurity Working Group with experts across all levels of government to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks potentially affecting election infrastructure and the elections process...” 

The statement went on to say that "some states have also recently seen scanning and probing of their election-related systems," and urged state and local election officials to be vigilant. The agency offered cybersecurity assessments and mentioned that DHS was ready to provide any assistance to states that request stronger cybersecurity against these types of hacking threats.

Though the statement was directed at government officials in light of the U.S. election, the report reveals an ever-growing need for vigilance by any organization that handles sensitive or proprietary information. 

The underlying truth is that the threats are evident and hackers will go to great lengths to bypass volatile systems to steal sensitive information.  Organizations can no longer ignore the threats poised by hackers to penetrate and attack the networks of any type of organization, steal data, and bring business to a halt.

Vigilance begins with good IT security which includes knowledge of the types of threats, and having solutions in place that prevent those types of threats from gaining a foothold.  Kanguru offers a number of easy-to-use data security solutions to stop would-be hackers:

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 Kanguru's security products are easy to implement quickly and there are no expensive installs or upgrades. With FIPS 140-2 Certified and TAA Compliant products by Kanguru, organizations can immediately begin to secure data and protect their infrastructure against cyber threats.


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