Having a disaster plan for important and sensitive data could save hundreds of thousands of dollars, tremendous embarrassment, and headache, but how many organizations actually have one?

Seeing daily news stories of unfortunate security data breaches, data loss, and the ensuing chaos to organizations, I can’t help but think how much of the trouble could have been prevented or prepared for.    Just the other day I read about a college suffering from a painful data breach that proved more than just embarrassing, costing them a fortune, or an organization that relied on cloud-based storage for their day-to-day business losing access to vital information after the federal government shut down the site due to other’s fraudulent activity.  Other painful scenarios like a virus infiltrating a company’s server or a stolen flash drive housing vital company information are not uncommon in our new day of cloud based technology, instant communication vehicles and global-wide media.

Companies and organizations spend millions in time and dollars ramping up and generating successful revenue to maintain a good business.  That’s why it is so important to have prudent, preventive measures in place to protect and recover proprietary information quickly from disaster, and prevent misfortunes such as a data breach.  Having a good disaster plan is simply good business. Companies may not be able to stop ice storms, thieves, power outages, hackers or hurricanes, but they can certainly prepare for them.  It seems common sense, but in the “busy-ness” of business, developing a back-up plan can dangerously become a low priority – fast.   Thankfully now, along with the connectivity and convenience of today’s technology come the tools needed to secure important data conveniently as well.   Potentially damaging events like a breach of information from stolen or lost equipment can be a thing of the past thanks to the secure technology developed by Kanguru Solutions™.  It is possible to have both the connectivity, convenience and portability you need to get business done, and manage and protect that important data as well.

Here are a few Kanguru product tips that could help save you and your company tremendous headaches, potential embarrassment and perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Use Secure, Hardware-Encrypted Flash Drives

By using only secure, hardware-encrypted flash drives as an accepted practice for your business, you ensure that company business will not get into the wrong hands if a drive is lost or stolen. With manageable password protections, FIPS 140-2 government certified protections, and anti-virus scanning, you have the convenience and mobility of using flash drives, confident that if a drive with vital information gets lost or stolen, the information on it cannot be retrieved by intruders. Whether you are an enterprise company or a home business, the Kanguru Defender™ series of secure flash drives are conveniently tailored to meet specific levels of security needs for your business or industry.

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Use Secure, Password Protected Hard Drives or Solid State Drives

The Kanguru Defender HDD™ or Defender SDD™ provides 256-bit AES hardware encryption (XTS mode), strong password protection, waterproof enclosure, along with USB3.0 and USB2.0 compatibility. Though the cloud is good for storing large amounts of non-vital or free-market information, financial data and sensitive information should be locked down in as safe a place as possible. With the Kanguru Defender HDD™ or Defender SSD™, you can lock down that information into a secure location of your choosing, knowing that it cannot be retrieved by prying eyes, or shut down by unforeseen issues with cloud servers.

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Remotely Manage All of Your Secure USB Devices

If you are looking for an enterprise solution for complete control and ability to secure an entire fleet of flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives, consider remotely managing all of your secure devices from anywhere in the world with Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™).  KRMC provides the ultimate in security protection, giving administrators the ability to track and manage USB drives worldwide – from anywhere, delete or wipe lost or stolen devices, set up online and offline permissions, restrict drives to trusted IP addresses or domains, schedule password and software updates, and so much more.  Kanguru provides a convenient range of options tailored to meet specific security needs depending on your business or industry.

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Kanguru is a global leader in providing high quality, secure portable storage solutions. Kanguru has been providing enterprises, organizations and consumers with the best in easy-to-use, secure IT products and data storage for more than 20 years. For more information on Kanguru, please visit their website at www.kanguru.com.