Kanguru Announcement 1.31.13

Kanguru USB Duplicators are a convenient way to quickly and easily duplicate many USB devices simultaneously.

Kanguru Solutions is proud to announce the latest addition to its line of stand-alone USB2.0 Duplicators. The Kanguru USB Duplicator model U2D2 provides all the core features that our customers have come to rely on, while improving overall duplication performance and reliability.

The new U2D2 model comes in 31, 23, 15, and 7 Target units, and is a more efficient and streamlined duplicator than previous models. The U2D2 features Brief Copy Mode (data only) and Full Copy Mode (sector-by-sector), a secure erase function, and is capable of both synchronous and asynchronous duplication with no loss in performance or limits on drive capacity. The addition of 4 shortcut buttons to the control panel enable users to execute the most common duplication functions with a single button press. The U2D2 USB Duplicator is compatible with virtually any USB storage device and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty backed by Kanguru’s excellent customer service. There are also 1 and 2 year extended warranties available.

For more information about the Kanguru U2D2 USB2.0 Duplicator, please visit the USB Duplicator product page on Kanguru’s website, or check out where to buy Kanguru products in your area.

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