Kanguru Announces Partnership With Dubai-Based IT Solutions Provider: PRO TECHnology
Kanguru is proud to announce their new partnership with Dubai-based IT Solutions Provider: PRO TECHnology, bringing Kanguru Defender hardware encrypted USB devices to the Dubai area.

Millis, MA, USA – September 1, 2021 – Kanguru is proud to announce their new partnership with Dubai-based IT Solutions Provider: PRO TECHnology.

PRO TECHnology is a provider of unique products and state-of-the-art IT solutions to enterprise and corporate markets seeking high IT standards, focusing in Business Continuity, Data Protection, Archiving & Compliances, Virtualization and more.

This new alliance with PRO TECHnology provides Kanguru with the distinct opportunity to expand local support for Kanguru products and services into the key Middle East region with military-grade Defender® hardware encrypted and trusted USB devices, remote management for USB devices containing sensitive data around the world, and drive duplication equipment. Kanguru’s unique and flexible solutions provide exceptional data protection for security-conscious organizations.

 “Our new partnership with PRO TECHnology provides a significant improvement in local expertise and support which is critical for our customer experience,” says Nate Cote, Executive VP at Kanguru.  “Kanguru has a strong presence in government and energy/utilities segments, so the relationship with PRO TECHnology who has deep ties in this region is well-timed...”

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with Kanguru, a brand known for its highly-certified, hardware encrypted USB data storage products, remote management and duplication equipment.” says Jamal Maraqa, Managing Director of PRO TECHnology.  “Kanguru’s hardware encrypted USB drive users are fundamentally protected from the dangers of the internet, theft, hacking, tampering, and brute-force and it contains high-level, military grade hardware encryption, as well as on-board Anti-Virus, secure firmware among other robust security benefits, allowing users and companies to feel safe and secured.”

“One of the most important features of Kanguru is its high level of protection of cyber security which will help IT Security Administrators to monitor and take action if their devices are used outside of their security policies.” Jamal Maraqa added “Kanguru's on-board, RSA-2048 secure firmware makes Defender® USB drives the most trusted, secured USB on the market to protect against third-party attacks.”

Kanguru’s flexible, customizable solutions are a great fit for any organization, from defense, military, government, corporate and enterprise, to banking, energy, utilities and more:

  • FIPS 140-2 Certified, Kanguru Defender® AES 256-Bit Hardware Encrypted USB Drives
  • Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™)
  • Drive Duplicators With Secure Erase Features
  • Hard Drive, SSD, Blu-ray, DVD, CD, USB and NVMe Duplicators
  • Secure Firmware USB Drives for Trusted Networks


To learn more about Kanguru’s unique high-security USB options, remote management, or duplicators, please visit www.kanguru.com or call 1-888-KANGURU.

To learn more about PRO TECHnology and their array of IT solutions, please visit www.protech-me.com

Kanguru is a global leader in manufacturing highly-certified, hardware encrypted USB data storage products, remote management, duplication equipment and more. To learn more, visit www.kanguru.com.


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