Kanguru Leaps Over The Competition With A New OS Agnostic Encrypted Fingerprint Access Flash Drive

Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30 Biometric Fingerprint Hardware Encrypted Flash DriveMillis, MA, USA – December 5, 2019 – Kanguru is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first OS Agnostic, Fingerprint Access Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive with remote management capability. This new biometric fingerprint access flash drive supplants the bulky pinpads and fussy combo keypads of leading encrypted devices, making it much more convenient and easy to use.  With just a tap of the finger, the new Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30™ Fingerprint Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive provides quick access to encrypted files.

Being OS Agnostic, the Defender Bio-Elite30 can be used on virtually any machine, from Windows and MacOS, to medical equipment, smart TVs and even ATMs for making bank machine updates. This makes it highly versatile for all types of industries.

With best-in-class AES 256-Bit hardware encryption, the new biometric fingerprint encrypted flash drive allows a user to assign multiple finger access for themselves, and/or others whom they authorize. Permissions can be enabled for full read/write secure entry, or read only restricted access to allow users to simply view the encrypted files.

The Defender Bio-Elite30 Fingerprint secure flash drive is USB powered, rising above all other competitive devices that require a battery which could fail at the worst possible time.


 “The Defender Bio-Elite30 fingerprint encrypted flash drive has tremendous value for any type of environment,” states Nate Cote, Executive VP of Kanguru, “It’s convenient, secure, and versatile.”


The exceptional features of the Defender Bio-Elite30 Fingerprint Encrypted Flash Drive rival any similar device on the market:

    • OS Platform Agnostic (Use On Virtually Any Machine)
    • Full 256-Bit Hardware Encryption (XTS Mode)
    • Assign Multi-Finger Access For Each Fingerprint or User(s)
    • Features New Command Console With Onboard Browser
    • Option To Remotely Manage With Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC)
    • Optional On-board AntiVirus, Real-Time Scanning Protection by Award Winning BitDefenderÒ
    • RSA-2048 Digitally-Signed Secure Firmware
    • TAA Compliant

To learn more about the new Kanguru Defender Bio-Elite30 Fingerprint Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive, please visit kanguru.com or call 1-888-KANGURU.

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Don Wright, Marketing Manager
Kanguru Solutions
(1) 508.376.4245