Kanguru's Technology Partner, Cigent, Develops Patent That Ensures Complete Erasure of Storage Drives and Endpoint Devices
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Kanguru's technology partner, Cigent Technology, Inc. announces the development of a patent that validates erasure status of data blocks for SSDs for the purpose of wiping sensitive data to meet stringent industry regulations.

Government, Defense, and other organizations working with highly-sensitive or classified information are required by law to wipe and completely destroy devices that are being repurposed or reaching end-of-life. Compliance with stringent security regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, etc. require best practices with specific data destruction methods in order to guarantee full eradication of sensitive data.

Cigent's patented technology is included in its Verified Device Erasure, firmware-based verification capability to reliably verify and report on full eradication. 

Read Cigent's Full Press Release Here