Kanguru Rolls Out Great New Features for Administrators Remotely Managing Encrypted USB

KRMC-Cloud StructurePress Release: Millis, MA, USA – March 29, 2017 – The Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) is an exceptional solution for administrators of all types of security-conscious organizations to manage and protect sensitive data on hardware encrypted USB drives. Kanguru’s robust solution maximizes the security value of locally-stored hardware encrypted data and helps organizations comply with strict government regulations. Rather than organizations storing sensitive data within the cloud itself, KRMC takes advantage of the centralized remote management component of a cloud interface and hardware encrypted data stored locally on Kanguru Defender® secure storage drives for a hybrid approach. The Kanguru Remote Management Console uses the convenience of the cloud to allow administrators to customize security attributes and securely manage USB drives from anywhere, and end users have the durable protection of local storage fully-locked under hardware encryption where hackers cannot get in.  

Many organizations around the globe use KRMC on a daily basis to monitor and protect their sensitive information, and have provided feedback to Kanguru on a few new features they would like to see incorporated within their console. Kanguru appreciates and listens to their feedback, and in an effort to continue to make it easier, convenient and even more secure, Kanguru has added these great features for administrators.

New Features for Administrators in KRMC-Cloud:

  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • License Calculator
  • Consolidated Actions
  • Parked Devices
  • Extended 3-Year Subscription Licenses

2-Factor Authentication provides Administrators with a two-way authentication process, to further ensure that the account cannot be compromised from unauthorized access.

The new License Calculator gives administrators a quick and convenient way to view soon-to-expire management licenses and make adjustments as needed to schedule renewals over their own timetable.

Consolidated Actions makes better use of sequencing and executing actions from administrators in the remote management application if they wish to override or contradict any previous action.

Parked Devices provide organizations that may have certain types of turnover or other internal complexities a way to “park” certain drives into a suspended state so as not to lose their licensed management connection capabilities while suspended.

Extended 3-Year license subscriptions make it convenient for administrators to “set it and forget it” by purchasing long-term licenses for devices that need to be managed for extended periods of time.

About Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC)

KRMC-Cloud is a Kanguru-hosted, turnkey solution hosted on an enterprise-level, international, secure cloud-hosting platform.  KRMC-Cloud is perfect for organizations of any size and type who wish to streamline operations and costs by using KRMC-Cloud to easily manage any number of devices. A single Administrator can oversee and manage all of the organization’s secure, hardware encrypted USB drives from the convenient remote management console.

KRMC-Cloud Pro is another great option as an upgrade to an existing KRMC-Cloud account, and allows for one Super-Administrator, with unlimited, multiple sub-administrators who can be delegated to manage certain parts of the organization’s secure USB drives.

There is a customer-hosted version available as well for organizations with specific internal security requirements which may necessitate self-hosting on their own servers.

If you would like to learn more about Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), and how it could work for your organization, please call Kanguru at (1) 800-KANGURU, or visit kanguru.com.


Kanguru is a global leader in developing TAA compliant data storage products, providing the very best in FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Certified, hardware encrypted, secure USB drives fully-integrated remote management security applications and Endpoint Security.  Kanguru also manufactures duplication equipment for duplicating hard drives, blu-ray, DVD and more.  For more information on Kanguru, please visit kanguru.com.


Don Wright, Marketing Manager

Kanguru Solutions


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