Kanguru Duplicators Offer a Variety of Duplication Modes for Ease and Convenience

Whether you need thorough duplication of many types of data storage peripherals and a variety of different brands, or you're just looking for the fastest way to clone drives quickly, Kanguru's Duplicator Modes provide convenient options for duplicating data the way you want it done.

  MobileClone KanguruClone
HD Towers M.2 NVMe SSD
(4 & 11)
USB Duplicators


Kanguru MobileClone one-to-one Hard Drive Duplicator KanguruClone Hard Drive SATA Pro Duplicators Kanguru hard drive tower duplicators Kanguru M.2 NVMe SSD Duplicators Kanguru USB Duplicators
Disk/Full Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brief Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resize Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Smart No Yes No No No
Image Yes Yes No Yes No
Synchronous No No No No Yes
Asynchronous No No No No Yes