Important New Updates for KRMC: Version 4.3.2

Administrators will find some great new features in KRMC the next time they log into their KRMC account. These updates help to simplify the administrative experience of monitoring and managing the security policies of your organization's Kanguru Defender drives.

New Auto-Hide Menu Feature

You will find a new “Auto-Hide Menu” option on the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.  Checking this new feature will hide the textual menus until you roll over them. The menu icons will remain. This option is selected by default, however you can select your preference whether to keep it on or off in “Server Settings” under the option “Navigation Bar Auto-Hide”.


KRMC updates new features - auto-hide menu

 New Scroll Bars For Easier Functionality

Previously when a drive was selected within the “Device List”, the action window opened over the device list, covering any columns to the right side from view. Kanguru has added a scroll bar at the bottom of the screen allowing you to scroll back and forth to see all of your device list columns, even with the action window open. 

KRMC updates new features - new scroll bar

Select and Edit Multiple Devices At Once

You can now select multiple devices in the device list to execute a number of blanket edits, like Device Owner, Group, Notes, Email, and Department. Hold down the shift key to select multiple devices consecutively in the list, or select multiple devices randomly by holding down the control key.

KRMC updates new features - select multiple drives

"Repro" Button changed to "Custom Settings"

The “Custom Settings” button replaces "Repro" when a device is selected.

KRMC updates new features - new Custom Settings Button replaces reprovision


SafeList Export Feature

“SafeList Export” is now available within “Device List” which will export the device list for integration with services such as Endpoint Protection Software.

KRMC updates new features - SafeList Export


Send Email Attachments

 You can now send attachments through the KRMC email feature. Take screen shots, add documents, etc. to your email to communicate better with all of your users of Kanguru Defender secure drives.

KRMC updates new features - add documents and attachments through the KRMC email feature


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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