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Kanguru Remote Management Cloud Edition (KRMC-Cloud™)

This Cloud-based KRMC option enables an administrator to remotely manage an organizations' entire fleet of secure, hardware encrypted Defender® USB flash drives, hard drives and solid state drives from anywhere in the world through the cloud. Kanguru Remote Management is hosted by our enterprise-level, International cloud-hosting platform, and is a single administrator license. For multiple admins and more options, see KRMC-Cloud Pro.


About Kanguru Remote Management™ (KRMC™)

Kanguru Remote Management of Secure USB Flash Drives, Hard Drives and Solid State Drives is a powerful way to protect, manage and secure an organization's information. Manage USB drives from anywhere in the world, Delete lost or stolen drives, monitor/restrict by domain / IP address, update passwords and much more.


Kanguru Remote Management Cloud Pro Edition (KRMC-Cloud Pro™ for Multiple Administrators)

An upgrade for existing KRMC Cloud subscribers, administrators can assign an unlimited number of sub-administrators with specific rights and privileges for each one. Remotely track and manage your organization's Defender® secure drives anywhere for ideal data management and control.


Kanguru Local Administrator - (KLA™)

Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA) is a powerful administrative application for managing and configuring secure Kanguru Defender® drives. This is the perfect security tool for configuring your Defender® Secure USB drives before distributing to employees and staff.


Overview: Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™)

This PDF provides a comprehensive overview of the four different options available with Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC™), for organizations looking to remotely manage all of their Kanguru Defender secure USB drives.


Kanguru Remote Management- Enterprise (KRMC-Enterprise™)

For Enterprise organizations that would like to self-host Remote Management on their own servers, KRMC Enterprise provides superior administrative options to manage their secure USB drives around the world.