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Kanguru recognizes that each organization has their own unique needs and requirements, and every organization might work a little differently. Data Security and Management cannot be a simple cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution. Kanguru provides great flexibility for organizations in managing their data on secure storage drives to fit the specific needs of the organization. Feel free to Call Us or Email Us if you have questions.

New KRMC Email Interface Communications

Email your managed users from within KRMC - send drive connection reminders, important application update communications, and other useful emails to one or more end users.

This new email service allows IT Administrators to communicate directly with users of the organization's Kanguru Defender encrypted USB drives. Admins can build templates that allow for easy and efficient communications with users within the KRMC platform, or use their own email server. This great new feature helps Administrators more efficiently manage user updates, provide guidance, and assist in asset management to proactively monitor inventory of secure devices.

Remote Management Suite

Anti-Virus Protection

Every Kanguru Defender® encrypted data storage drive comes with an initial 30-day trial of Anti-Virus (AV) Protection by BitDefender®. The user may opt whether they would like to continue with an annual subscription for 1, 2, or 3 years. However, if an Administrator is remotely managing the Defender drive for their organization using KRMC, they may opt to manage subscriptions themselves and override specific user settings. An Administrator can monitor AV licenses, renew licenses individually or in bulk, and choose 1, 2, or 3 year subscriptions based on the individual needs of the organization.

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Customization for USB Drives

Today's flash drives and hard drives can contain massive amounts of information. Organizations with encrypted drives may want to engrave contact information so that a lost drive can be returned, engrave security clearance information, brand a drive with a logo, or have pre-loaded software on multiple drives. Kanguru provides organizations with options to customize their drives to meet their particular needs.

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Parked Devices

Some organizations have found that with certain types of staff turnover or other internal complexities, they may find it necessary to "park" certain drives into a suspended state so as not to lose their licensed management connection capabilities while it is suspended. If a device has not checked in for over 18 months, rather than allow an inactive device to continue taking up a management license, or allowing it to lapse, an administrator may opt to park the drive instead. If the administrator chooses to do so, they can select from three different options: disable the drive, delete and disable the drive, or release the drive to be used as an unmanaged drive. This allows inactive devices to be parked into an inactive zone where they can remain available for reactivation in the future. To learn more about this feature, call us directly to speak with a sales representative at 1 (508) 376-4245.

Defender® Self-Service Password Management™ (SSPM™)

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it can be a very alarming experience to forget or lose the password to a hardware encrypted Defender drive. Important information could potentially be locked away forever. Kanguru does not have access to data or passwords, as access on Defender drives are solely restricted to the user. Kanguru cannot recover access to data if a user forgets their password. As a result, Kanguru provides users and administrators with a secure method to reset passwords with Self-Service Password Management. A subscription can be purchased for 1, 2, or 3 years by an individual for a single drive. If multiple drives are managed by an administrator using KRMC for an organization, multiple SSPM licenses can be purchased. Administrators also have the option to make SSPM available or not available to specific users according to the organization's particular needs and requirements.

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