KRMC™ (Kanguru Remote Management Console) is a powerful management system ideal for Data Security Officers and IT Administrators looking to manage and secure their organization's sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements. KRMC™ along with Kanguru Defender® hardware encrypted USB drives provide the perfect solution for those who require multiple levels of security with the convenience of mobility, while monitoring and enforcing the security policies of the organization anywhere.

By storing sensitive data on local, AES 256-Bit, hardware encrypted USB drives, data is inherently and fundamentally protected from the dangers of the internet, theft, hacking, tampering, and brute-force. Kanguru Defender devices contain high-level, military grade hardware encryption, as well as on-board Anti-Virus, secure firmware, and other robust security benefits, allowing users the convenience of mobility.  KRMC enables IT Security Administrators to monitor that mobility, and take action if the devices are used in ways outside of the security policies set by the organization.

Unlike cloud storage, KRMC does not store the data, as the data is strictly contained within the encrypted, secure USB devices themselves. Rather, KRMC provides oversight capability for IT administrators to keep track of the whereabouts and monitor the activity of the organization's secure, hardware encrypted USB devices around the world. IT Administrators can configure, manage and customize all of their organization's secure USB from one convenient console while the End-User maintains the sensitive data separately under the AES 256-Bit hardware encrypted USB data storage drives.

Kanguru offers three convenient KRMC models to choose from, providing the best flexibility to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization:

KRMC-Cloud™ - Single Administrator Model

The KRMC Cloud Edition™ is a dynamic, cloud-based application that enables a single administrator to remotely manage Kanguru Defender secure USB portable devices anywhere in the world. 

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KRMC-Cloud PRO™- Multi-Administrator Model

KRMC Cloud Pro™ upgrades* your existing KRMC Cloud account with some great convenient features. Administrators can assign an unlimited number of sub-administrators with specific permissions and privileges for each manager. 

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KRMC-Enterprise™- Self-Hosted Enterprise Model

This powerful self-contained virtual appliance enables administrators to remotely manage and control assigned, secure hardware encrypted USB drives from anywhere in the world hosted through the client's own secure server. 

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