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Full 8-Page Kanguru Product Brochure

View & Download Our 8-Page Product Brochure for a complete overview of Kanguru products.

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Kanguru Defender Line of hardware encrypted USB drives

Kanguru Defender® Line of Secure USB Products

Download information about the Defender® line of hardware encrypted USB drives.

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Kanguru Defender line of Opal internal self-encrypting solid state drives

Kanguru Defender® Opal Internal Self-Encrypting SSDs

Hardware-Based, Self-Encrypting Solid State Drives designed to help organizations secure and protect their data.

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Kanguru Remote Management

Downloadable information on how Kanguru Remote Management of secure hardware encrypted USB devices can help secure sensitive information for any organization.

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KanguruClone™ Duplicators

See the variety of duplicators available by Kanguru to clone, back up and duplicate all types of media: hard drives, SSDs, NVMe, USB, DVD and Blu-Ray.

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Standard USB Flash Drives, HDD & SSD with Physical Write Protect Switch

Download info on Kanguru's most popular USB flash drives, hard drives and SSDs like the FlashTrust, Kanguru SS3, Flash Blu30, UltraLock SSD, and UltraLock HDD.

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Kanguru UltraLock™ USB-C M.2 NVMe SSD With Physical Write Protect Switch

Download information on the new Kanguru UltraLock™ USB-C M.2 NVMe SSD.


Kanguru Optical Drives (BD/DVD)

Download information about Kanguru's high-quality Blu-ray and DVD burners.

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