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Kanguru QS Slim BD-RE Blu-ray Burner - USB3

The Kanguru QS Slim BD-RE is an ultra compact, portable Blu-ray burner drive that is powered by USB.


Kanguru 16x BD-RE Blu-ray Burner - USB3

Store up to 25GB of data on a single Blu-ray disc or 50GB on high capacity Blu-ray media for crystal clear playback with the latest in high definition technology.


Kanguru 16x BD-RE Blu-ray Burner - USKanguru QS Slim DVDRW DVD Burner - USB3B3

The Kanguru QS Slim DVDRW is an ultra compact portable DVDRW drive (USB 3.0) powered by USB.


Download the Kanguru USB3.0 24x DVD Burner Information Sheet

Kanguru 24x DVD Burner - USB3

This drive provides SuperSpeed USB3 DVD and CD burning for both PC and Mac users.


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