Kanguru Daisy Chain Duplicator Connectivity

Kanguru Solutions has released several, high-end duplicator models that support daisy chain connectivity. Daisy chain connectivity provides the convenience to link multiple, stand-alone duplicators in sequence to increase your duplication capacity and reduce overall duplication time. With daisy chain connectivity you can easily turn two 1 to 23 target HDD duplicators into a 1 to 47 target HDD duplication system, or turn ten 1 to 15 DVD Duplicators into a massive 1 to 159 DVD duplication system.

Kanguru daisy-chain enabled duplicators offer a great amount of flexibility for those who have very large duplication needs.

  • Scalable: Easily expand your total duplication production capacity by connecting additional duplicator system(s). Maybe today you only need a 1 to 15 target DVD duplicator. If you expect that your production will triple by next year, rather than guess with the purchase of a larger, more expensive system now, daisy chain duplicators provide the convenience and flexibility to affordably expand your duplication hardware to meet your demand as it grows.
  • Modular: A duplicator with daisy chain compatibility can operate either as a part of a chain, or by itself as a standalone unit. Whether you need to make 50 copies of a single Master disc, or 10 copies of 5 Master discs, you can modify your daisy chain duplicator configuration to suit your needs on a job-to-job basis.
IT administrators, digital media publishers, marketing agencies, and music producers all find Kanguru daisy-chain duplicators to be a great asset for their business. Being able to scale as needed not only provides an affordable alternative, but can also save on storage space as well.

The following Kanguru duplicator models support daisy chain connectivity:

HDD Duplicators (Note: HDD Duplicators can link up to 4 systems together) DVD Duplicators (Note: DVD Duplicators can link up to 60,000 systems together) It is important to note that only same type model daisy chain duplicators can be linked together. For example, it is not possible to link a 15HD SATA Pro HDD Duplicator with a 23HD SATA Pro HDD Duplicator. It is also not possible to link an HDD Duplicator with a DVD Duplicator.  Feel free to contact Kanguru if you have any questions regarding the compatibility of certain duplicator models.

To learn more about Kanguru Daisy-Chain Duplicators, please visit kanguru.com.


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