Don't let an unsecure flash drive cause business disruption, productivity loss, revenue loss, and fines.

Recent events in the news have demonstrated the ease with which portable devices can be used to steal confidential data.

Avoid your own personal Wikileaks by securing your USB flash drives.  Kanguru's secure flash drives and remote management capabilities provide excellent protection against data leaks.

The Kanguru Defender Elite coupled with Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) give CIO's and CISO's an unprecedented level of control over their flash drives.  Data breaches can be prevented with features such as:

Remote Disable/Delete - Remotely disable or delete devices compromised by rogue employees to protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

Domain/IP Control - Restrict drive usage to approved domains & IP ranges and prevent unauthorized use in external networks.

Offline Restrictions - Control whether devices can be used offline. Prevent unauthorized use in external networks.

Auditing and Reporting - KRMC enforces a full audit trail with detailed graphical reporting and the ability to export both customizable audit logs and graphs for external analysis to ensure proper compliance.