For several years now flash drives have been used as a marketing/promotional tool, but this latest news takes the cake.  It appears that rock band, The Flaming Lips, are currently distributing new music on flash drives which are encased in gummy frogs, gummy skulls and gummy fetuses.  (Yes, you read that last part right.)

The promotion coincides with the newest Flaming Lips Tour, in which singer Wayne Coyne bounces around the audience inside a large bubble.  If you’re a fan, you can catch The Flaming Lips live in Boston Wednesday, 7/27/11 for your chance to get a gummy covered flash drive with new Flaming Lips songs.

For more info, check out this article in the Boston Herald.

FYI - Kanguru can custom engrave flash drives for your organizational or promotional needs, however, we are currently back-ordered on our gummy skulls. ;)