Kanguru's Emmett Jorgensen was just featured in Government Security News (GSN) as a guest columnist with an article entitled "Flash Drive Security goes beyond Encryption".

The article has an infosec focus on newer developments in flash drive security including remote management, on-board anti-virus and more.  Here is a short excerpt:

"Remote management is really the most advanced development in flash drive security over the past few years. With remote management, organizations can centrally manage their flash drives anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

One of the main features of remote management is the ability to disable or delete lost or stolen devices. This is an incredibly powerful feature that acts as an additional safeguard for organizations that handle sensitive data. A lost drive can be reported to an IT administrator and, if not recovered in a reasonable amount of time, be scheduled for deletion to insure that the data won't be compromised."

For the full GSN article, click here.

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