Kanguru Defender 2000 Secure, Hardware Encrypted Flash Drive

In a recent lab test review by PCWorld, the Kanguru Defender 2000TM outperforms on several fronts among five other leading secure flash drives tested.

Some of the highlights that rank the Kanguru Defender 2000 above all the others are:

SUPPORT: The Defender 2000 is one of the only secure drives who’s support also includes Linux, along with Windows and MacOS X

CAPACITY: The Defender 2000 surpasses all others in capacity – blowing away the competition with an available option of 128 GB storage capacity.

PERFORMANCE: The Defender 2000 received top-notch performance among all of the tested security drives, describing it as a “sprightly performer” and was “by far the fastest overall of the secure flash drives in our roundup.”

PRICE: The Defender 2000 is much more affordable than Imations’ F200, which PCWorld found to be quite pricey and received only a mediocre performance rating, making the Defender 2000 a much more affordable, practical option for government, financial, healthcare, and enterprise organizations.

PHYSICALITY: The Defender 2000 also received a high rating for exceptional tamperproof and waterproof benefits, as well as a highly-pleasing tactile experience.  The Kanguru Defender 2000 is a hefty 38 grams and can feel like a small bar of gold in your hand.

Regarding the optional Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) for managing one or more Defender 2000 devices, PCWorld’s lab test describes it as an effective tool for enforcing password strength, login attempts, etc.  KRMC is a robust, optional administrative software tool designed for organization and enterprise administrators, enabling them to track and manage several drives from anywhere in the world.  It provides the ability to do things like disable and delete lost or stolen drives, set up permissions, and place secure restrictions worldwide.

To learn more about KRMC, click here.

We should point out, that although the reviewer describes the “improper USB disconnect” warning dialog box as a minor software anomaly, the software does provide the convenience to suppress warning messages through the device configuration preferences window.

Among PCWorld’s highest ranking performers, the Kanguru Defender 2000 is, as the reviewer well-states, “an impressive product from a new vendor that’s obviously been doing its homework.”

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