Kanguru Introduces The All New Kanguru SS3™ USB3.0 With Physical Write-Protect Switch


The new Kanguru SS3™ is a SuperSpeed USB3.0 flash drive with all the conveniences you want for quick data portability. Sporting some of the fastest transfer rates on the market, capacities up to 64GB, and the convenience of a physical write-protect switch, this handy USB 3.0 flash drive is the perfect solution for transporting lots of data on the go.

With USB3.0 technology, the Kanguru SS3 provides lightning-fast transfer rates, while maintaining compatibility with USB2.0, so you can use it on virtually any computer.

The physical write-protect switch offers more safety and convenience than other ordinary flash drives. Protect your data and safely connect to any computer with the switch set to “read-only”, and be assured that your files cannot be overwritten. This feature also prevents viruses and malware from having any chance of infecting the drive. Flip the switch back and you can make adjustments to your files just as you would with any other USB flash drive.


If you would like to learn more about the Kanguru SS3 or other powerful Kanguru products,
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