Scrooge’s Data Security Policy List

Ebenezer Scrooge Editor's Note: We felt this was well worth a repost from last year's blog, Happy Holidays!

Ebenezer had a change of heart after he was visited by three ghosts to help him see how his past, present and future Christmases were/are/would be affected by his stingy attitude toward his fellow man. The message was clear, and Scrooge (and his more modern pal, the Grinch) eventually figured out that kindness and giving was a far better way to go.

However, it’s clear that Mr. Dickens didn’t offer a solution to what happens when people take advantage of that generosity. He also probably couldn’t conceive of a box or device that sits on our desks, with data storage of all of our personal information from bank accounts to our favorite recipes, linked with access to the entire world at our fingertips. Chances are the goodwill in his stories would not have extended to hackers — a group that’s out in full force during the holiday season. The more consumers are online, the more payoff there will be if there is a data security breach. Companies and organizations need to protect their employees, their affiliates and their clients from every angle with as many layers of security is possible. Employ the Scrooge strategy and safeguard all sensitive data. Let the Kanguru team visit you with a few spirits of their own, so you won’t befall a fate fit for a man who never changed his ways or heeded the warnings.

The Spirit of Christmas: Encryption - Protect Your Data

Encryption is such a valuable tool for anyone who’s online today. The same way you take a risk just by stepping out on the street, you’re venturing into the unknown every time you flip open a laptop or unlock a phone. Hackers operate from every place in the world, and unfortunately their ways of targeting you get more sophisticated every year. Once sensitive files (photos, credit card information, social security numbers, etc.) have been seized, there’s really nothing anyone can do to help, but there are preventive measures you can take: act before they do. Protect from data breaches with Kanguru’s family of Defender external USB hard drives, flash drives and SSDs to guard against even the most savvy hackers. The Defender® Line of Secure Storage Drives™ provide industry leading data security protection to organizations of all sizes and budgets. Several drives are FIPS 140-2 Certified and all come standard with robust 256-bit AES hardware encryption that reduce the risk of hardware being compromised. Kanguru’s highly-secure line of storage drives also meet HIPPA, GLBA, SOX, and TAA compliance standards with additional layers of protection for your organization.

For secure, hardware encrypted flash drives, you can't get any better than Kanguru Defender USB flash drives. With 256-Bit hardware encryption, superspeed USB 3.0, on-board anti-virus, secure firmware, and even physical write protect switches and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certification on select drives, the Defender Family is the best you can get to protect your data. 

The Spirit of Christmas: Remote Management - Manage Your Data

One can’t be in two places at once, and it’s often easier to have one person in control rather than multiple hands making policy changes and security updates. For organizations with lots of data storage devices all over the world, it’s a smart idea to have the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC.) You want to be able to access essential data at all times, regardless of time changes and location barriers. Kanguru’s global remote management system for secure USB devices makes it a reality through its advanced functionality. KRMC enables select IT administrators to have control over a company’s collection of secure USB storage devices containing sensitive company data. Furthermore, it allows data administrators to safely configure and customize the data storage devices containing sensitive information, wipe the USB device clean if stolen or misplaced, restrict device use to IP addresses, enforce/ change password policies, and create custom reports. For all of the encrypted drives you have out there, use KRMC to manage USB storage devices anywhere. It’s important to note that KRMC doesn’t actually house any of the information, it allows you to manage the devices, while your information is safely stored within the confines of the locally-stored devices. This provides an ideal way to manage your data during the holiday season- and any time of the year.

The Spirit of Christmas: Mobility -
Provide Convenience for Those Who Need the Data

Business travel and being able to go anywhere without feeling vulnerable to an open wireless connection is a huge productivity booster. Weather can make it impossible at times to make reliable travel plans during the holidays, yet travel is an active component. Employees and staff can work securely with remotely managed Kanguru Defender storage locally - offsite and not have to worry about the dangers or unreliability of a bad connection to the office. It helps those on any kind of business travel (making it a worthwhile investment for any company.) 

With Defender Secure Drives and Kanguru Remote Management, organizations can conduct business around the world securely and safely, without risking company data. As a part of your data security solution, it is a great way to stop hackers who will use all kinds of tactics to get your information out from under you.

Have a happy, fun, and safe Christmas, Chanukah, and Happy New Year!


For a complete list of how Kanguru can benefit your company, organization or institute contact one of our friendly Kanguru representatives. Kanguru is a global leader offering state-or-the-art data encryption solutions including, Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, Kanguru Endpoint Protector, Kanguru Remote Management Console, and Kanguru Defender® Secure USB storage devices.


Kanguru is a global leader in offering state-of-the-art data security management solutions to banking, government, educational institutions, and consumers. Kanguru continues to develop breakthrough data encryption products to safeguard against unforeseen data breaches that include, Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, Kanguru Remote Management Console, and Kanguru Defender® Secure USB storage devices. For more information on how Kanguru can benefit your company or organization, please visit


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