Is Your Data Really Safe in the Cloud?

protect your sensitive data from hackers by locking it under locally-stored, hardware encrypted drives

Convenience VS. Security

Some of the biggest data breaches ever have taken place within just the last few years, with several of the largest cloud storage companies in the world. Cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and Yahoo to name a few, are just some of the big name cloud service providers that have seen huge compromises in data. Likewise, giants like Equifax, Ebay, JP Morgan Chase, Target and Sony have also seen compromises; enough to make any organization sit up and take notice.  Hackers seem to regularly find a way to gain access to data stored on the internet, and when sensitive information gets exposed, it not only hurts the company, it hurts every person whose personal data was involved in that data breach, multiplying the outcome exponentially.   

Although the internet has provided a huge asset for today’s digital age: convenience, that convenience has also come with a cost.  Hackers have found ways of crawling into almost every aspect of the internet to pluck data, or lock it out with ransomware.  In other cases with data stored in the Cloud, sensitive information could even be compromised by an innocent, well-intended staff member without proper security policies in place.  Convenience can leave sensitive data vulnerable. When information is stored in fuzzy places with vague accessibility methods, the variables can get sketchy. But today's fast-paced environment also requires information to be mobile, which is why the internet is so significant.


A Hybrid Solution Provides Robust Checks and Balances
For Sensitive Data

A hybrid solution provides organizations with the convenience of remotely managing and monitoring the location of sensitive data anywhere, while storing and locking the information under locally-stored USB drives. In this way, only the person who physically holds the data has access to it, and the organization monitors the location and authorization of the devices. This approach puts checks and balances in place to ensure data security and helps organizations create robust security policies.

Kanguru has developed a robust, secure system over many years using FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption Communications for Defender® AES 256-bit hardware encrypted USB drives. These superior-quality devices lock down the information under locally-stored encryption, while remote management provides security-conscious administrators with the ability to monitor, track, and manage the whereabouts of those devices.  Since data is only stored locally and not on any cloud server, it cannot be compromised.   Even the Administrators themselves do not see the data, only information about the device in order to monitor, track, and disable it if necessary, providing a robust hybrid solution for a secure environment anywhere.

This type of solution is being used by secure organizations around the globe to secure data away from a hacker-hungry world.


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Kanguru Defender Secure Drives and Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) is a fully-integrated system for security-conscious organizations to help them protect their data.

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