Kanguru Defender LifePlanner Makes A Perfect Travel Planner

The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner™ has been highlighted on A Luxury Travel Blog, a highly popular travel blog that shares all kinds of travel tips, resources, information, and great products for all things travel related. 

The Defender LifePlanner is an excellent way to organize, plan and secure all of your travel needs. Since it does not require an internet connection, you keep everything safe and offline from untrustworthy connections or remote locations. 

Secure all digital information for your travel plans: from hotels and places to stay, to flights, cruises, rental cars and more. Even retain digital receipts within the LifePlanner Vault. When you are ready to connect to online accounts, all of your passwords and usernames are conveniently protected within the Password Vault for direct access.

You can even create separate categories for different trips, upload digital photos, secure all of your contacts, itinerar(ies) and much more.

No matter where you go, you can have all of your personal information at your fingertips with you at all times, protected with dual-layered security and AES 256-Bit hardware encryption.


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Learn more:  Visit Defender LifePlanner on kanguru.com.