Kanguru Partner Exhibits at FIC 2017 in France

Kanguru's partner SoftExpansion FIC 2017 Exhibition

Lille, France - January 24-25, 2017 – Kanguru's French Distributor and partner, Soft Expansion recently exhibited at the Data Security and Privacy Forum in Lille, France, at the 9th Annual Forum International De La Cybersécurité (FIC).  The exhibition is well-known as one of the region's largest data security conferences and was well attended.

Pierre Groleau, Sales Manager for Soft Expansion demonstrated Kanguru's data security solutions to an engaged and busy audience in the IT, data security, public and private sectors.

"I found there was a bit more interest this year for endpoint security, mainly the device management," says Pierre Groleau, Sales Manager for Soft Expansion. 

Soft Expansion exhibits at Lille, France FIC 2017 Cybersecurity convention

The focus of the annual FIC 2017 Cybersecurity Exhibition is on the design and incorporation of modern technologies to help organizations protect from the growing threats of cybersecurity.  As their website states:

"The growing interconnectedness of cyberspace, the physical world and living beings multiplies the risks — and not just when it comes to IT. Material and human damages are no longer theoretical risks: operational safety is at stake. At a time of digital transformation, security must be developed and incorporated into technologies « by design. »"

Kanguru and Soft Expansion have partnered to help organizations across France and surrounding regions secure and protect their data with high-quality, easy-to-use solutions.

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Soft Expansion
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