Kanguru receives Top USB Solutions 2024, Awarded by CIOReview

Millis, MA, USA- April 5, 2024 - Kanguru, a leading provider of secure data storage solutions, has been awarded Top USB Solutions 2024 by CIOReview, a premier magazine catering to IT executives and professionals seeking to remain at the forefront of information technology trends.

In an exclusive cover feature recently posted in CIOReview Magazine, Kanguru's Executive Vice President, Nate Cote, reiterated Kanguru's unwavering commitment to simplifying, rather than complicating, the already arduous tasks facing IT professionals. Cote highlighted Kanguru's groundbreaking data security measures and its fully-integrated, centralized remote management solution, the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC).

"IT security teams can seamlessly set up global templates against standardized security policies, ensuring strict compliance across the board," states Cote. "They can also dictate the specific behaviors and provisioning of the storage drives with ease."

CIOReview's insightful interview with Kanguru's Executive VP delved into the company's core ethos of becoming a trusted ally for organizations worldwide seeking robust data protection mechanisms.

"Our dedication to quality and security can be seen in the fact that we manufacture and conduct the final assembly of all our products in a secure U.S.-based facility.  It is a significant aspect for many of our valued customers who trust us for secure storage solutions," says Nate Cote, Executive VP.

The article goes on to share Kanguru's latest move into the internal data security arena, unveiling its innovative hardware-based, self-encrypting internal Solid State Drives (SSDs), marking yet another milestone in the company's illustrious journey.

To delve deeper into Kanguru's groundbreaking innovations and unwavering commitment to data security, read the full CIOReview article here.