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Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) Cloud Pro edition allows multiple Data Security Officers and Administrators to monitor and manage an organization's secure encrypted USB drives under a set hierarchy of authority settings and permissions.KRMC Cloud Pro - Kanguru Remote Management Console Cloud Upgrade
Sonderpreisab $399.95 USD
KRMC Cloud Pro-Upgrade – Mehrere Administratoren
Part Number: KRMC-CLOUD-PRO-xY
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Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus Subscription License for protecting Defender hardware encrypted USB devicesKanguru Security Software Defender Anti-Virus Subscription
Sonderpreisab $7.95 USD
Kanguru Defender Anti-Virus-Abonnement
Part Number: KAV-RENEW xYR
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Kanguru Self-Service Password Management Security Software (SSPM)Kanguru Self-Service Password Management  (SSPM) for Defender Hardware Encrypted Drives
Sonderpreisab $6.95 USD
Kanguru Self-Service-Passwortverwaltung SSPM
Part Number: KAN-SSPM-xY
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Kanguru Local Administrator (KLA) is an enterprise-class administrative application for managing and configuring Kanguru Defender secure flash drives.KLA Local Administrator - Security Software
Sonderpreis$299.95 USD
Lokaler Administrator von Kanguru
Part Number: KDA-BSC-xx

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