Kanguru Solutions provides top-notch security options to help you comply with security regulations, yet still have the flexibility you need to conduct business

There’s an old English idiom that says “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.” The popular figure of speech often implies that you can’t have it both ways, or you can’t have the best of both worlds. But what if you could when it comes to having top-notch security for your important data to keep your information safe, AND having the full flexibility you need?

Kanguru provides this happy medium, with complete, secure control and ease of flexibility to handle all of your sensitive data, all while helping you stay compliant with even the strictest of regulations.

“Companies can’t ignore the risks,” says Kanguru CEO Don Brown. “We make it very easy for companies to be vigilant and comply with regulations, and still have the flexibility they need to conduct their business.”


Kanguru’s Remote Management Console™ , along with the Kanguru Defender Secure USB Drives, are perfect solutions that make it incredibly simple to monitor, protect and maintain private information under rigorous new laws.

The Problem Businesses Are Facing

The results of a data breach can be more than just costly, it could be devastating. Credit card companies, large retailers, and small businesses have all succumbed to the woes of security breach, and have paid a painful price in credibility and continued business. As a result, government is cracking down on data protection with tough regulatory laws and stiffer fines. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act legislated in 2002, requires all U.S. publicly traded companies large and small to comply with federal regulations to monitor and maintain all sensitive data. Under Section 404 of the Act, management of organizations are required to produce an “internal control report” and must affirm “the responsibility of management for establishing and maintaining an adequate internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting.” Small, medium and large businesses that aren’t forced to do so can easily follow this standard as well.

Cyber threats and hackers have also strengthened their threats, bringing about a substantial increase in cyber-attacks, leaving everyone from small business and households, to large enterprising corporations at risk. 

A Variety of Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Kanguru Defender 2000™ and Defender Elite Hardware-Encrypted Flash Drives provide the best FIPS 140-2 Certified security while offering complete flexibility to access, control, transfer and store important data across all of your USB-enabled devices. They deliver password protection and encrypt the data with write-protection built in. Unlike other secure products, there’s no software to install or admin rights necessary. If someone steals your secure Defender Drive or it is lost, there’s no risk of the data falling into the wrong hands. Who wouldn’t want that peace of mind at an affordable price?

Small businesses and organizations will find that KRMC Cloud remote management security is their best option for securing data across a network of USB drives and workstations from around the world.

Kanguru also provides complete Enterprise management over a fleet of Kanguru Defender USB devices, with the Kanguru Remote Management Console™ (KRMC). This software gives you complete flexibility and superior quality control of a network of Defender USB Flash Drives remotely either via a cloud version or full enterprise server version, according to your own preferences, offering ultimate security and flexibility. Remotely delete lost or stolen devices, set password policies, and have complete log and auditing capabilities to meet the strictest of standards and show full compliance. 

Kanguru Defender™ Secure USB Drives
Kanguru’s Remote Management Console™

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