A Nuclear Safety Report could be exposed
due to lack of security on a storage device


College could have easily avoided exposure
of social security information with data security


Business owners still not taking proper measures
to protect data


Over 1.2 billion records exposed…


These are just a few of the latest harsh realities pulled recently from news headlines.  Scary stuff!  Organizations are finding themselves picking up the pieces after enormous and costly data breach “accidents” expose countless personal information needlessly. Even more sobering is a ruling made just about a year ago by the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in a case regarding Starbucks that companies or customers exposed by these data breaches now don’t even need to show actual harm or imminent threat in order to take a case to trial and file a lawsuit in the event of a data breach. They can now claim severe negligence on the part of organizations that do not secure their information.  (see related article) Security breaches are becoming one of the most costly and profit-zapping “accidents” for any organization yet they are easy to avoid.

Many of these informational breaches could have been avoided with the proactive use of hardware-encrypted devices, and remote management systems in place – a frugal investment that could save a company thousands, perhaps millions of dollars in potential lawsuits, lost data and full-scale breaches. With simple products like Kanguru’s remote management system and the Kanguru Defender Series, USB Secure Flash Drives are automatically encrypted at military strength without the user having to do anything but set up a password.  In addition, for organizations, the devices can be tracked and remotely managed, disabled and deleted in the event that a USB Flash Drive is lost or stolen; evasively protecting sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Even better is the fact that each USB drive is password protected and you can set a limited number of log-in attempts, guaranteeing that the device cannot be tampered with or the information exposed. The beauty of Kanguru’s hardware encrypted devices is that they are so simple and easy to use, with write-protection built in. You can use them without having to install software on the PC, and you don’t even need admin rights as some of the leading USB devices require.

Which would you prefer? Cheap, unencrypted flash drives with no protection and the huge risk of a costly a data breach, or peace of mind with a protective, remote management system in place that puts you in complete control of your information from anywhere in the world?  Kanguru has worked hard to make your data security easy.

For more information about Kanguru’s remote management and Defender Hardware-Encrypted devices, please visit www.kanguru.com.