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"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) is one of the hottest trends in IT this year.  While BYOD has many advantages, including reduced overhead costs, it can also lead to an increased vulnerability to malware and other security threats. 

The IT Department once had control over all company devices and ensured that each one was secured through anti-virus software, firewalls and restricted OS access. These days, employees could be accessing sensitive information from a laptop or home computer that is outside of the company’s control. 



When implementing a BYOD policy, it is important to consider the following threats:

  •  Browser Trojans (Man-In-The-Browser)

  •  Phishing

  •  Keyloggers and Spyware

  •  Loss or Theft

 Kanguru designed the Defender DualTrust to address these concerns and create a safe environment for online access.  The device is a combination of an encrypted USB flash drive, an isolated virtual machine and a secure web browser. The DualTrust can be plugged into any Windows computer to create a Secure Virtual Workspacefor accessing online resources. After the user enters the correct password, the device launches a virtual machine that is isolated from the host operating system and runs a separate, hardened virtual OS from the encrypted partition of the device. Running inside that OS is a protected Chrome browser. This enables employees to use their own laptop, home computer or other PC without being exposed to malware in host OS.


Security threats should not prevent organizations from implementing BYOD policies if they make sense from a business and technology standpoint. While there are legitimate security concerns that are not to be taken lightly, these risks can be reduced by protecting the way employees access company resources. The Kanguru Defender DualTrust is an easy way to implement BYOD safely. With this protective shield, users can use personal computers and laptops without exposing the organization to data loss.


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