Managing Your Data Security and IT Department with Kanguru Remote Management Console

In any successful organization large or small, time and money is an essential balance. Lucrative organizations run like a well-oiled machine, with tasks executed in a timely and efficient manner with as low cost overhead as possible. One area where organizations can best control overhead expenses is the IT and data security department. Securing and managing data can help facilitate efficient operations and ensure that both online and offline information is kept safe from inside and outside threats.


How Might Kanguru Remote Management Work For You?

Hiring an IT agency to manage and perform necessary IT functions can be quite costly, and depending on who your company hires, the time it takes for them to respond to performance issues can be excruciatingly slow. Therefore, such situations can leave businesses with empty pockets and unnecessary headaches, and if these problems go unsolved, it could spell the end for an organization. Alleviating these setbacks can be complex, and if the proper resources are not utilized, more inefficiency can ensue in a short amount of time.

Kanguru's secure USB data storage devices provide data protection at the highest level, with AES 256-Bit hardware encryption, world-class certification, and brute force protection. However, the advantages of Kanguru USB drives does not end there. Add in Kanguru Remote Management Console™ and you have one incredibly versatile, practical data solution to help you conduct and maintain sensitive business, monitor data, and keep it safe by customizing and controlling your organization's secure USB drives; all from one convenient console.

Kanguru Remote Management Console

The Kanguru Remote Management Console is the most advanced, global remote management system for encrypted USB storage drives. What makes the Kanguru Remote Management Console versatile and advanced is its remote functionality. KRMC™ provides administrators a high level of control over an organization’s secure USB storage devices. From anywhere in the world, an administrator can conveniently customize and remotely manage an organization’s entire flotilla of secure USB storage devices.

KRMC Features

Remotely managing your organization’s data stored on encrypted USB storage devices can mean huge overhead savings and less inefficiencies. With Kanguru Remote Management Console, administrators have a bevy of functionality features that would typically require most organizations to hire an IT agency or an entire IT team to manage. Using Kanguru’s Remote Management Console, chosen administrators can configure and distribute secure drives, remotely wipe or delete lost or stolen USB storage devices, limit invalid login attempts, implement device restrictions, create custom reports, restrict drives to specific IP addresses, manage all security updates, adjust device management settings, enhance password management, and much more.

KRMC Management Options

Kanguru conveniently provides two options for remote management of Kanguru USB storage devices: KRMC Enterprise Edition and Kanguru Cloud Edition.

The Kanguru Enterprise Edition of the Remote Management Console allows administrators to manage encrypted USB storage devices through their organization’s own self-hosted server or servers. With the KRMC Enterprise Edition, organizations benefit from all of the KRMC advantages, including setting up online and offline permissions, tracking and managing secure USB storage devices worldwide, and remotely disabling, deleting, and swiping encrypted USB devices. Furthermore, the data being managed is only stored on the physical USB device, not in the Kanguru Remote Management Console, ensuring the most stringent security measures are in place. For larger organization’s that host their own servers, this is a highly recommended resource.

In addition to managing the KRMC from an organization’s self-hosted server, Kanguru users can also utilize the KRMC using the Kanguru Cloud interface. The cloud-based application affords administrators all of the same advantages that the Enterprise Edition allows. Similar to the Enterprise Edition, Kanguru’s secure cloud interface gives administrators the ability to set up online and offline permissions, to customize security settings for all organization USB devices, and to track, manage, delete, and disable all managed USB storage devices from anywhere in the world. In addition, the Cloud Edition of KRMC stores absolutely no data – all the data remains stored exclusively on the encrypted Kanguru USB drive itself.

The Kanguru Cloud Edition of KRMC has two management options, Kanguru Cloud and Kanguru Cloud Pro. With the Kanguru Cloud management option, a single administrator can be assigned to manage an organization’s encrypted Kanguru USB storage devices, while Kanguru Cloud Pro allows multiple, unlimited administrators to have management access to the USB drives.

Kanguru Customer Service

Kanguru is flexible with your organization’s needs and can accommodate for special architectural requirements. If your organization is in need of special accommodation for implementing data security measures, contact Kanguru to discuss an architectural strategy that will be best suited for your organization’s needs.

Kanguru is a global leader in offering state-of-the-art data security management solutions to banking, government, educational institutions, and consumers. Kanguru continues to develop breakthrough data encryption products to safeguard against unforeseen data breaches. For more information on Kanguru, please visit

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