Kanguru Self-Service Password Management tool for Defender Secure USB drivesPasswords are still one of the best ways to protect and secure information, but trying to remember them all can be frustrating, especially if there are a lot of different passwords to remember. One could write them all down but how secure is that?   more often than not, users opening protected accounts in haste will simply disregard providing themselves with a reminder in hopes that they'll just remember their password in the future. 

For passwords to be really effective, however, the more complex they are - the better.  But trying to remember a combination for many different online accounts across a variety of media platforms presents a challenge. Coming up with a string of a minimum of 8 characters with an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a special character, and at least one number can often lead to the common problem of forgetting that string of characters. Online password-protected accounts can usually be re-initiated with an easy click on a "forgot password" link, but a forgotten password to a secure, encrypted USB flash drive could spell disaster for the user, locking them out of the very information they sought to protect - unless they have Kanguru's latest new Password Management Tool.

Self-Service Password Management™ (SSPM™) is Kanguru's newest tool that not only assists end-users, but helps IT administrators as well who may be managing large accounts of secure Defender USB drives around the world. Kanguru, a global leader in secure USB storage devices and remote management, has developed this tool to alleviate the headaches that arise when users forget a password to a USB flash drive.

"Administrators and end-users alike will love this new tool," says Nate Cote, Executive Vice President, “Now rather than forgetful staff members having to approach the overburdened IT administrator each time a password to their secure flash drive is forgotten, they can simply reset it themselves by using Self-Service Password Management, reducing IT overhead.”


Kanguru’s New Self-Service Password Management (SSPM)

For users of Kanguru Defender® USB storage devices, this new preemptive service is a subscription license-based service that Kanguru recently introduced to combat instances where a password may be lost or forgotten. This new self-service password management service helps end-users anywhere in the world securely reset their own password to their Kanguru USB storage device at anytime.

For organizations and IT administrators that are currently managing USB drives through the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC) Cloud or Enterprise, Self-Service Password Management subscription comes standard with the KRMC account.


Convenient for the End-User

Let us consider, for instance, an advanced, password-protected USB storage device that contains critical information regarding an individual’s financial history. Come tax season, they would need to access this information to give to their tax accountant. Unfortunately, the individual forgot the password to their secure data storage device. Without Self-Service Password Management, the user could potentially be locked out of the essential data that they desperately require access to.  SSPM provides the perfect way to regain access easily and quickly.


Convenient for the Administrator

For IT administrators of large organizations that may be managing a fleet of secure USB data storage drives around the world, forgotten passwords could become a big problem as well.  Numerous and urgent requests to reset passwords for encrypted USB drives could become a full-time job unto itself. With Kanguru's new SSPM, end-users can reset their own passwords without bothering an already very busy administrator.

An even greater convenience for the administrator is along with all the great features that come with Kanguru Remote Management, the Admin can select specific options for each user. They can either force a user to setup the service immediately, allow the user to set it up later on, or deactivate the self-service entirely for the user.


Self-Service Password Management

Kanguru’s Self-Service Password Management subscription makes resetting the password of a Defender® Secure USB device simple and stress-free to do. Follow these simple steps:

  • Owners of Kanguru Defender® USB drives subscribe to Self-Service Password Management.
  • During the initial set-up, the user will designate an email address to their Kanguru Defender® storage device(s).
  • If at any point during the SSPM subscription the user forgets the password to their Kanguru devices, they can reset their password by going through the secure email mechanism that will allow the user to regain access to their Kanguru device.

Licensing subscription lengths vary from one year to two years. The one-year SSPM license costs $6.95 for 12 months, while the two-year license costs just $9.95 for 24 months, a savings of almost 30%.

SSPM is Available for the Following Kanguru Defender® Storage Devices

Whether you have the smaller Kanguru Defender® Secure USB Flash Drives or the larger Kanguru Defender® hard drives and solid state drives, you can safeguard sensitive data from forgotten passwords with SSPM. The Self-Service Password Management subscription is available for the following Kanguru Defender® Secure USB flash drives:

  • Kanguru Defender® 3000
  • Kanguru Defender® 2000
  • Kanguru Defender® Elite300
  • Kanguru Defender® Elite200
  • Kanguru Defender® Elite30
  • Kanguru Defender® Elite
  • Kanguru Defender® Basic+

Adding the SSPM service is simple and fast. All you need to do is visit Kanguru’s website and SSPM page to purchase the subscription for Self-Service Password Management license.

No matter the circumstances, one never wants to find themselves in a situation where they cannot access vital information. Retrieving forgotten passwords is now a very simple process thanks to Kanguru's new Self-Service Password Management Tool.


Kanguru is a global leader in offering state-of-the-art data security management solutions to banking, government, educational institutions, and consumers. Kanguru continues to develop breakthrough data encryption products to safeguard against unforeseen data breaches that include, Kanguru Self-Service Password Management, Kanguru Remote Management Console, and Kanguru Defender® Secure USB storage devices. For more information on how Kanguru can benefit your company or organization, please visit www.kanguru.com.


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