Kanguru Adds Great New KRMC Features for Administrators Based on Customer Feedback

Blog Post: March 29, 2017

Administrator manages an organization's secure USB drives containing encrypted dataAt Kanguru we listen and appreciate the feedback of our customers, and in an effort to continue providing great value to the Kanguru Remote Management Console (KRMC), we've added some great additions to the console to give Administrators even better, more convenient control to manage their organization's secure Defender® USB drives.  

Administrators will be pleased to see these new features already built into their console, so they may immediately begin to take advantage of the new conveniences.



New features for Administrators currently built into all KRMC-Cloud accounts:

  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • License Calculator
  • Consolidated Actions
  • Parked Devices
  • Extended 3-Year License Subscriptions

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2-Factor Authentication gives administrators an added layer of security in accessing their account online. Administrators may choose to also authenticate their account beyond the password at login with 2FA by selecting the option within their account, and a time-sensitive, authentication code will be sent to their email account each time they log in. Administrators will need to copy this code from the verification email each time and paste it into the verification window at login in order to access the account.

Super-Administrators using KRMC-Cloud Pro with multiple Sub-Administrators may choose to individually select whether they would like 2FA enabled for each Sub-Admin, or if they would like to enforce it globally.  If enforced globally, Sub-Administrators will not have the option to turn it off.

New License Calculator

The new License Calculator gives administrators a quick, convenient way to forecast how many management licenses are soon to expire, and make key adjustments as needed to schedule renewals over their own calendar time frame based on their requirements.

Consolidated Actions

Sometimes Administrators may wish to override or contradict a previous action they made for USB drives out on the field. Previously, multiple administrative actions of the same type were executed consecutively one after the other from the remote management application. Consolidated Actions makes better use of sequencing and expedites actions where most newer actions will automatically override the previous action.

Parked Devices

Parked Devices provide organizations that may have certain types of turnover or other internal complexities a way to “park” certain drives into a suspended state so as not to lose their licensed management connection capabilities while suspended. An example would be students at a university, or other types of organizations where devices may be unused for many months, but will need to be managed again at a later date.

Extended 3-Year Subscription Licenses

Extended 3-Year license subscriptions make it convenient for administrators to “set it and forget it” by purchasing long-term licenses for devices that need to be managed for extended periods of time. 3-Year Licenses are now available for both device management licenses, as well as Anti-Virus licenses.


For more information about the Kanguru Remote Management Console, please visit KRMC.

If you would like to talk with us and ask questions about any of these great new features, please feel free to contact Kanguru by calling (1) 508-376-4245, or email us at sales@kanguru.com.


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