Kanguru Defender LifePlanner Provides Security for Personal Information During Difficult Life Transitions

Kanguru Blog: December 2023

“This is a game-changer for people trying to securely manage their financial and personal online data-or to assist with aging family member estate planning. It allows for a seamless transfer of information in the event of illness or life event."


My father was particularly astute; a devoted and loving father who was consistently well prepared and organized for anything and everything throughout his life. He would meticulously plan out everything from vacations and day trips, to home renovations and all through his career.  When my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness, he began preparing for the difficult time ahead with an elder attorney to develop a Will and Trust.  Since we were also dealing with my mother’s failing health, he wanted to be sure my mother would be well taken care of and affairs were in order. His wisdom and prudence helped make the painful event we were about to face as a family a tiny bit easier to navigate, thanks to his foresight and devotion to those he loved.  

Still, despite his careful planning, we began to realize early on as his health began to decline, that another line of communication was needed, that gathering specifics like passwords, bank account numbers, insurance policies, healthcare contact numbers, and other details started to become an arduous task throughout his illness, extending well after he had passed.

It’s a contingent we don’t often like to think about let alone talk about; how to prepare for end-of-life transitions, or how to make personal information available to certain family and loved ones in the event of an illness or for care-giving while safeguarding and keeping important personal data secure.

Having such vital personal information available and organized in one place may help slightly ease the burden by making sure essential bills continue to be promptly paid so crucial services don't get overlooked, information is properly relayed to the right medical and financial professionals, and proper care is administered. Keeping this information secure during such a time of vulnerability is equally as important to make sure the data does not get compromised.  

The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner is a device that could fundamentally serve such a purpose, especially for planning, organizing, securing and methodically sharing personal information.  With fingerprint or password access, the AES 256 Bit hardware encrypted flash drive provides a safe haven for organizing all personal data. The owner of the Defender LifePlanner can simply log in and enter as much personal information as they want, including passwords, account numbers, contact information, add notes, and even upload digital files of policies and important PDF documents. They can manage all of their information, organize it, change it, search for specific data, and keep it all secure.  Information can be entered by category on a dashboard, making it very easy to find specifics either by searching a category or by the dashboard search bar window.

The Defender LifePlanner flash drive can be kept in a safe place like a safety deposit box, safe, or firebox.  The device's multi-layered approach to personal digital asset management ensures all personal assets are securely contained. (See Article on CIOReview

If the owner so wishes, he/she can grant full or limited access to the drive as necessary to a trusted Financial Advisor, Accountant, Elder Attorney, or family member.  Should the need arise, the owner can plan while still in a cognitive state of mind, to extend access to the drive if it is ever necessary to be reviewed by a trusted family member or a care-giver, and grant secure access to a loved one.

While caring for my father throughout his decline, in and out of hospitals, doctor visits, rehab, and assisted living, it became more and more apparent that I needed access to take over paying bills, and gather further information regarding long-term care, insurance policies, doctors, specialists, medications, prescriptions and passwords to certain accounts as it became more apparent.

There's no doubt in my mind if I had something like the Kanguru Defender LifePlanner in place at the time while caring for my father, the emotional stress could have been somewhat eased apart from the grieving. Having information like doctors and pharmacy contact info, medication/drug prescriptions, even mortgage and day-to-day bill payments well organized during the last year of his illness would have been very helpful.  It's a conversation where hindsight is 20/20.

Even though one could never fully prepare for such a life event, with good organization and thoughtful planning beforehand, it could relieve some of the stress off a particularly daunting and unavoidable circumstance.

The Defender LifePlanner can provide peace of mind for many of the uncertainties life can bring.  For the owner, being able to manage, organize and secure personal information is a value well beyond the price of the device.  The convenience of accessing information without having to be on the internet, with a safety net away from cyber and online threats is significant, and the powerful security features built into the drive are outstanding.  

However, another underlying importance the Defender LifePlanner can bring in preparing for life’s transitions cannot be overstated. As I mentioned before, It was a missing conversation I wish I had with my father where hindsight is 20/20.  Had my father and I opened another line of communication essential to such a transition, and been able to sit down and review his personal information beforehand, perhaps with a Defender LifePLanner device such as this, he could have shared his wishes while he was still well.  It is a conversation well worth having, and one that could save a lot of additional stress.

The Kanguru Defender LifePlanner can be a perfect gift with value well beyond its initial purpose, helping families and loved ones manage, organize and secure personal information.


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