No Compromise Here: Kanguru Continues to Provide Robust Data Security for Budget-Conscious Organizations

Kanguru Blog: January 17, 2024

A trip to the grocery store or supermarket to buy the usual staples has recently become a painful experience as prices continue to go up.  According to economists, what we used to buy costs us 11.4% more since 2020.

What might not be so obvious is the reduced amount of product we receive despite these cost increases. Whether the price has gone up or stayed the same, what used to be 16 oz is now only 10 oz. What was a “Large” size is now really just a “medium” or “small”.  We as consumers are paying a lot more while the “Deluxe” has been reduced to a mere “fun-size” or a “convenient economy-size”, and most amenities have been removed.  We’ve had to compromise by buying less, or not buying anything at all.

However, when it comes to data security, compromise is not an option. Cyberattacks, data breaches and data theft are becoming increasingly common and require robust, uncompromising encryption and data protection.


For more than 30 years, Kanguru has provided uncompromising quality data storage and encryption to secure important information, despite pandemics and economic constraints. We offer a wide range of flexible data security options to suite every budget.  For example, high-security organizations that require brute-force protection and government certification may require our flagship Defender 3000 with FIPS 140-2 Certification and brute-force protection along with AES 256-Bit hardware encryption. Individuals and small to medium-sized businesses that don’t need high-end government certifications can purchase the same rock-solid AES 256-Bit hardware encryption with the Defender Elite30 or Defender Elite300 without the extensive provisions required by government regulations. This flexibility goes a long way for tight budgets without compromising security.

Higher Capacity Data Storage Drives

In addition while others are scaling back, Kanguru is scaling up. Along with exceptional data security, Kanguru has recently added more high-capacity data storage devices, providing even more options with enormous storage for information. The Kanguru Defender 3000, Defender Elite300 and Defender Elite30 flash drives now provide up to 512GB of data storage space, and the Defender Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide up to a colossal 8TB (Terabytes) of space.  Several of Kanguru's standard, non-encrypted flash drives and SSDs offer up to 512GB capacity as well giving customers vast options for their data. 

Flexible Duplicators for Jobs Big or Small For Any Budget

Likewise, KanguruClone Duplicators offer ideal flexibility with large-run duplicators as well as short-run duplicators to fit any budget. Kanguru offers a wide range of duplicators for any organization big or small.

Feel free to contact Kanguru to talk with one of our sales representatives to learn more about Kanguru’s affordable, flexible options that will best serve your data security or duplication needs and your budget.


Kanguru provides secure, hardware encrypted USB devices for any organization or individual looking to protect data. To learn more about how Kanguru can help your organization protect information, call Kanguru at 1 (508) 376-4245 or feel free to email us at