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Kanguru Press Release 4.30.13


Millis Massachusetts - April 30, 2013 -

Millis, Massachusetts - Kanguru’s Remote Management capabilities just got better with the release of the new Kanguru Cloud Pro™ version for Remotely Managing a fleet of secure USB drives.  KRMC Cloud Edition™ is a Cloud-hosted application that enables business owners, IT administrators, or security officers, to remotely manage an organization’s full complement of Kanguru secure USB devices that may contain sensitive information, through Kanguru’s secure cloud infrastructure, significantly reducing the risk of a sensitive data breach.

KRMC Cloud Edition provides an administrator with the ability to track, manage, locate, delete/wipe lost or stolen drives, generate reports, and enforce password policies from anywhere in the world.  The subscription-based service provides superior compliance and performance with most security policies and regulations.



Advanced Features

Now Supports Multiple Administrators

KRMC Cloud Pro™ is an upgrade to augment an organization’s existing KRMC Cloud Edition™ account.  KRMC Cloud Pro supports up to five administrators with equal access, enabling the administrators to maintain and manage the organization’s sensitive data worldwide with greater granularity, and provide an even stronger barrier against the potential of sensitive information leaking into the wrong hands.

Unlimited Devices Per Account

KRMC Cloud Pro Upgrade also offers a new alternative to base the account on an annual “per account” renewable subscription, rather than KRMC Cloud’s “per device” subscription, providing customers with the option of having an unlimited number of devices per account.

Improved Auditing

 KRMC Cloud Pro Upgrade also provides improved auditing features for managers. By logging administrator -specific actions and events within the same cloud account, an administrator will have detailed information as to who performed specific actions within the KRMC Cloud account. These auditing enhancements allow for greater accountability and enhanced logging for everything that may occur within an account.

“KRMC Cloud Pro brings several key enterprise-grade features to our Cloud-based solution for secure USB remote management,” says Product Manager Noah Manders, “allowing for more control, auditing and accountability per account.”


KRMC Cloud and KRMC Cloud Pro Upgrade is the Cloud/SaaS option for Kanguru’s Remote Management solution to Kanguru’s KRMC Enterprise, and is managed on Kanguru’s secure, Tier 1 Network. If you would like to learn more about hosting on your own company servers, visit KRMC Enterprise Edition for more information.



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