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Kanguru Press Release 4.30.13


Millis Massachusetts - April 30, 2013 - Kanguru Solutions, announces the release of the latest entry in its line of Kanguru USB Duplicators™. Designed to streamline data distribution among portable USB storage devices, Kanguru USB Duplicators are great for backups, IT work, sales and marketing preparation, PC rollouts and more.

 The newly re-designed Kanguru standalone duplicator features complete sector-by-sector duplication which allows you to duplicate virtually any USB storage device, and is also capable of data-only duplication of supported file systems. A built-in Compare function ensures that data copied to your target drives are identical to data on the Master when enabled. The new Secure Erase feature ensures that data erased from your drives are practically unrecoverable.



Synchronous Duplication

The new Kanguru USB Duplicators support both Synchronous and Asynchronous functionality. With Synchronous duplication, all drives must be connected prior to the start of the duplication process, data is copied to every port simultaneously and duplication on all drives is completed at the same time

Asynchronous Duplication

Asynchronous copy allows data to be transmitted to each port independently without sacrificing performance or reliability. The ability to load, copy and unload your drives independently means less time spent waiting which equals time saved for you. Additionally, where other asynchronous USB duplicator brands have limits on drive capacity, the Kanguru USB Duplicator’s asynchronous copy does not have any capacity limitations.

“With the release of our latest USB Duplicator,Kanguru Solutions continues to position itself at the forefront of the data duplication industry. We focused on providing our customers with the essential tools that they need in order to operate as efficiently as possible while not compromising an inch on quality.” says Product Manager Ken Lee. “New features like our advanced asynchronous copy and shortcut buttons will save our customers minutes per job. Although it doesn’t seem like much, extrapolate those couple of minutes over hundreds of runs and suddenly you are looking at a significant amount of time saved.”



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